Home Daycare or Daycare Center?

Kelly - posted on 07/14/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




I am wondering what other people prefer.

When my older kids (13 years and 10 years old) were smaller I always used a Daycare center. Now that I have the new lil guy I have been using a home daycare. I feel like each has its good and bad points and I am thinking of switching my son to a center. But I really want to hear what you guys think about it.


Melissa - posted on 07/17/2010




My mom worked for many daycare centers and the stories she has told me made me NEVER want to put my daughter in daycare. A lot of places don't do background checks or drug tests and many of the workers don't pay much attention to the kids. That is why she left the business and started watching kids in her home. Her biggest piece of advice whichever way you go is to not make an appointment when you go to check one out. Just show up so you can see and hear how they are with the kids when they are not prepared. Often when you make an appointment they go around and let all of the teachers know there will be a visit so they can clean up and make sure they are super nice. Another piece of advice is to go during pick up hours and ask some of the other parents what they think of the center.


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Imilie - posted on 07/19/2010




I have my son in a home daycare now and I know for sure I prefer it over the center. The daycare provider is an older lady that has been doing this for over 30 years and she is somewhat old school, which I love. She recently went on 2 weeks vacation and I had to put him in a center and it drove me crazy. He literally came home each night dead tired and would sleep from 6 pm all the way through the night until 6 in the morning because he was not getting any sleep at the daycare center. Plus I asked them to feed him his rice cereal at lunch time and they didn't. They actually fed him very little amounts. I am so glad my original daycare provider is back from her vacation because I know I have missed her and so has my son.

Alisha - posted on 07/19/2010




i have a two year old son who is in home daycare i have to say this is my prefered option as i believe the ratio is much better and the children get the required attention they need here it is 5kids to 1 career and in centres it is 1teacher to 20children so i dont feel as though in a centre the children are focussed on as they should be and also develop less friendships and more of a possesion issues with things such a toys in a centre as they need to share with over 15other children insted of 4others and i also think that teachers are unable to see all issues going on in a centre as u could imagine how hard it is to watch 10children let alone 20 and focussing on everyones best intrest.
My nephew is also 2years and my sister had him in centre care and he was always coming home with a flu or snotty nose due to the larger amount of children who maybe carring the flew and bugs. My nephew Ty could hardly talk and jake(my son) was able to have full conversations with you. When my sister noticed the difference she decided to try home care while still having him in centre care and in a matter of weeks Ty was talking and communicating really well that my sister decided to drop centre care the boys also know many great nersery rhymes they sing together are able to count to 10 and sat the alphabet with us and i know that it is because there career takes the time with them as her resources are not being stretched across soooo many kids.
The cost is also much better my sister was paying $75 after rebate =$150(before)per day in the centre and now pays just $95 per week for care that she believes is far better.
I have many girlfriends that work in centres and they too agree that centres and there resources are far stretched and can notice the difference in childrens behaviours and intellectual ability between centre and home care.
hope that helps

Denise - posted on 07/18/2010




yes i agree with these post i am a faily day care provider after working many a year in long day cente you really need to find the right place for you for sure just pop in and pop in at just before feed time or just before sleep so you can spy on the carer at the hardest time of the day and see if the carer get cranky
remember depending where you are the staff child ratio differes from nursery where you can have 1 staff to 5 babies (and can't tell me at least of them wont be teething) so 2 staff and 8 to 10 babies all under 15 months take it from me it can be VERY busy. walk in the room and go with your gut feeling if you get the chills say thank you and walk there are lots more centres around

having my own son who is now six months (norm time for mum to go back to work) i could not imange leaving him with any one

for me family day care suits i have four children but only one of these are full time and about the same age as my son which is good it's just like haveing twins

not crazy busy as a centre but very laid back and easy
it's not as you must learn this and that now
its what ever the day brings

hope this helps

Emily - posted on 07/17/2010




If you find a healthy, stable, happy home with emotionally well adjusted people who will align with your parenting values, that is best.
But, I tend to avoid home care because I have seen several cases with my son and my friends' kids where the at-home issues or emotional issues or parenting approach of the care provider ended up causing drama.

Alice - posted on 07/17/2010




If I had to put mine in another person's care, it would be a home center. I used to operate one, a friend still does. They are so much more like a family environment and there is way less violence. However, I'd say that it's a personal preference and if you have a really good daycare center, that may be your better option. I guess you'd have to weigh the options and decide on what in your area is the safest, healthiest environment for your kids.

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