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Melissa - posted on 01/16/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have two problems with my little one (going on 15) year old.

Before Desi turned one she would eat anything and everything. She was eating three full meals a day and endless snacks. Now, ever since she turned one she wants to be a vegetarian. She will not eat any meat what so ever. We have tried to sneak it into other things, dice it, chop it, put sauce on it. Nothing works. Sometimes she will eat a few bites of ground beef if we have hamburger helper but that is only once a week if that. Is anyone else experiencing this or has with other children. Any suggestions on how to get her to eat meat or at least another good source of protein.

On to my second problem which isn't a problem really just a question. Tonight we finished Desi's last can of formula and my goal was once the formula is done so is the bottle. I think she will be OK because she has only gotten one at night for weeks now. I was just wondering if anyone else has stopped the bottle yet and if so how did it go? Did you use anything to substitute at night like a snack of some kind? Also, Desi does wake up in the middle of the night once in a while and the only thing that calms her down is the bottle. Should I continue to give it to her then or try to find something else (which I don't think I can)

Thanks Everyone!!!


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Sarah - posted on 01/22/2011




My daughter is going to be a year tomorrow and she still eats meat but who knows maybe that might change after tomoorw. lol! My daughter likes beef better than any other meat. She has had beef ravolis. You could try putting ketchup on it too, my daughter eats chicken with ketchup otherwise she won't eat it. I just got rid of all her bottles last week. We still had formula so she just had some until it was gone. She was eating three meals any way so my husband and I decided to stop giving her formula. She was fine with it. She eats breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes she has a snack between breakfast and lunch but she always has a snack between lunch and dinner it just depends on everyones schedule i have a 5 and 4 year old. She sleeps through the night without a problem. But my youngest can eat she will sit in her high chair for like a half hour just taking her time eating and she eats more than my other two kids. If you need to try to calm your daughter down maybe try singing to her. Or try to let her cry it out. I would also talk to your daughters doctor maybe he/she might have some good ideas. Good Luck!

Janelle - posted on 01/20/2011




Hi :) I don't know about the meat thing because I'm having the same issue!
But as far as the bottle goes this is what I did and it worked EXCELLENT! For a week I eliminated the afternoon bottle which wasn't as important as the morning nap and before bed bottle. During the time when I would normally give her this bottle I sat her in her highchair and gave her a snack with a sippy cup of homo milk (this is also how I introduced milk to her). She didn't even seem to notice it was gone (I also have never let her hold or walk around with her bottle).
The following week I got rid of the morning bottle and did the same (snack and homo milk). This one took a little bit longer so I gave her a week and a half before getting rid of the night time one.
Needless to say she now has 3 meals and 3 snacks a day (some time 2 snacks) and she has transitioned great and all 1 week before her 1st birthday.
I hope you have success :) Good luck!

Janielle - posted on 01/17/2011




Dominic will be 1 tomorrow, he has been down to 2 bottles a day, today he will only have 1, same for tomorrow, and hopefully be off by the 19th, depending on his 1yr check-up tomorrow! if dr says to keep him on formula longer, ill have to use bottle, as he wont drink it from any cups! so far weaning him has been easy, i dont think it should be too hard, because we dont have other babies around, so he wont be seeing bottles! he hasnt had a bottle at night for not sure about that!, but each time ive taken a bottle away, ive substituted a snack, or meal, so he isnt feeling extra hungry. hope to have more helpful hints soon, so far, dominic has been a champion eater with most foods, he hasnt completely obseleted an entire food group, yet! :( sorry! good luck!

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