My 9 Month Old Son STILL Doesn't Sleep!

Carol-Anne Louise - posted on 10/24/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




Hi Ladies, Bumps and Babies
I have a 9 month old son (Born 17/01/10) who STILL doesn't sleep through the night!
Every since he has been born, he would wake up every 30 minutes - 1 hour. This would either be for a feed, dummy or just a general wake up.
When he reached 7 month's, thing's started to improve. He would usually sleep for 3 hour's straight and then he would wake up every hour.
He has a bath every night before bed (so he know's it is bedtime), then a bottle.
Lately, for the past month or so, it has gone back to the waking up every hour mark with him fighting his sleep.
I've done everything from, using bedtime bath/lotion. Giving him water at night instead of milk. Even a little bit of cereal in his milk. To changing a sleep time, earlier and later to see what work's best. Putting him in my bed, baby massage, calpol/neurophen bedfore bed ect... litually anything you think of, I've done.
My Heath Visitor isn't much help and nor is my doctor. Is there anything I could possibally give him to help him sleep.
Any help would do! x


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Cheyenne - posted on 10/29/2010




if hes been crawling around or moving alot, that could be the readon. hes being so active that he just doesnt want to miss anything. my son does the same thing your son does. and ive tried everything since he was 3 months old. sorry to the moms who's babies sleep through the night but "you suck sometimes"

Jessica - posted on 10/28/2010




my daughter will be 10 months on the 8th of nov. and I would have to agree with kortney.. I was kinda scared to try it at first and didn't think it would work but I just recently started putting her in her bed to cry herself to sleep, if I didn't I would never get any rest, she wouldn't nap during the day and she would stay up really late plus get up in the middle of the night but now she will cry herself to sleep within 10 minutes, some nights she'll still get up once or twice but I don't pick her up I just stick a bottle in her mouth in her bed and she goes right back to sleep

Kortney - posted on 10/27/2010




my 8 month old would only sleep with me in my bed and would wake up 3-4 times a night (from a period of 10pm until 7am) and i finally get fed up with it. get a schedule and stick by it. I hate to say it cuz i was against it but i put her in her bed one day for nap around 1230 and walked out of the room..she cried for about 20 min (i checked on her twice) and she fell asleep.. that night i did the same thing at 8pm and she cried for about the same amount of time then she slept until 7AM! ever since then ive stuck to the napping and bed schedule and its been working.. she does wake up once or twice during the night and depending on what i think is wrong (if anything) i either get up or i let her go back to sleep and she does within 5 min. this all changed in a matter of a week... if you are against this then ignore it but if you have an open mind, try it. i was surprised i will tel lyou that

Nicole - posted on 10/27/2010




How well does he sleep during the day? With my first child I let him get overtired too often, and would sometimes keep him awake to tire him out and he never slept through the night. With my second child I soothed her to sleep every couple of hours when she was a new baby and then let her sleep whenever she seemed tired as she got older. She has slept through the ngiht since day one.
Children who are overtired are harder to get to sleep, and can sometimes seem hyper/overly excited.

Lindsey - posted on 10/26/2010




i had this problem too and then found out he has had acid reflux the entire time so hes on meds now and hes so much better he wakes up once to eat and thats it he goes to bed at 8 and gets up for the day around 730 or 8

Ashley - posted on 10/25/2010




girl i have the exact same problem! the ONLY way he will sleep is if he sleeps with me and my fiance. i love him but sometimes i do want to pull my hair out! i know he isnt teething he just cut 4 teeth! he just seems to NOT want to sleep im at a loss of what to do as well!

Crystal Lynn - posted on 10/25/2010




maybe he's teething. and thats why. but dont feel bad mine wakes up still like every 2 hours or so. he was doing good for about a month or so but now its back to every few hours.

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