My baby doesn't know how to eat anything but yogurt and some stage 2 gerber food.

Reem - posted on 12/18/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




i breastfeed my baby, and struggling with solids...he almost eats nothing with a texture.....once anything gets in his mouth he gags and threw up all whats in his finger food....nothing....he only eats fat free yogurt, and some stage 2 gerber very disappointed...does anyone have an advice or similar experience?


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Anna - posted on 01/02/2011




My son didn't do well with finger foods at first either. He did pretty well with the pureed baby food, but didn't know how to chew anything harder. I got him some Baby Mum Mums (rice wafers) to gnaw on because they dissolve very easily and the risk of gagging and choking is minimal (WalMart sells them and they come in different flavors). It really is just a matter of providing them the opportunity to learn how to bite and chew. I graduated my son to graham crackers when he turned 10 months and let him practice with those for a month before I started doing other foods, and how he can chew pretty much anything I give him.

You should bring this up with your baby's doctor as well, if you haven't already, to make sure there isn't a physical reason he's having problems eating.

Stephanie - posted on 01/01/2011




My son was like that for a few months and I just kept trying, if he gagged or puked I stopped, but tried again the next day. Now he eats all adult food.

Charlotte - posted on 12/19/2010




hi there, i also bf my baby. she is only just started having solids properly, ive never bothered with baby foods and have yet to give her yogurts or anything like that. just give her a baby firnedly version of what we are eating. i was told by my hv not to react when she gags because its just their reflex and they are learning to eat solids... if you react too much baby will get scared of eating. also, why are you disapointed? if you are worried about your babies weight gain seek medical help, other than that my advice is take it slow. it took us ages and literally, the last week or so she has been takiing food off a spoon. up untill the first year solids are meant to complement breastmilk, they still get their daily calories and nutrition from bm not solids. just introduce things very slowly, maybe try mashing food up completly then when he's used to that leave in a few lumps and bumps. try him with a mashed up healthy version of what your eating, baby foods never taste that great! experiment with flavour. we found that our girl wasnt that bothered unless it was flavoursome food! she LOVES garlic! after all, breast fed babies (compared to formula fed babies) are used to all sorts of flavours in their milk becuase what you eat affects how yourmilk tastes! good luck, and try not to let it upset you! well done for still breastfeeding :-) your already doing the best you can by giving him mama milk!!!

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