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Jennifer - posted on 09/09/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




My soon to be 8 month old son has been sleeping in his crib from about 8 pm until 5 or 6 am for the past couple of months. The past few days he has been waking up every 3-4 hours. I try to let him cry it out in the middle of the night, but his cries are screaming cries like something is wrong. Also once I get him sometimes he will relax in my arms and be content other times he will still be fussing and upset. So I get him and I feed him and sometimes I change him if I think that will help and the past couple of days I've been giving him the teething melts because I thought he was teething. He doesn't have any teeth, but he's been drooling a lot since about 5 months. I think he might be teething, but I would've thought he would have a tooth by now. Has anyone else been through this with their child.


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Krystal - posted on 09/21/2010




Yes, my 8 1/2 month son is a turkey, I was so surprised that at night he wanted to go to bed and sleep from 8 pm until around 5-6 am. but the last month or so he has been such a mama's boy he has to sleep with me. I think some of it has to do with the fact that he is mobile now and has some of that seperation anxiety that comes along with it. I tried to just let him cry it out but my husband needs sleep to go to work.

Cisy - posted on 09/11/2010




My daughter is 8 months today and for the last few nights she's been waking up crying. She usually sleeps through the night okay. Every once in awhile she'll whine for her pacifier and go right back to sleep. But lately she'll wake up crying and sometimes screaming. Her 2 teeth are pretty much out. She didn't fuss when she was teething so maybe it's making up for it

Eve - posted on 09/10/2010




I believe if a baby is crying there is a reason be it teething a bad dream gas whatever. . I dont think that children cry for jus no good reason in the middle of the night atleast. (exception of colic and such) However my 8 mth old has recently started waking up a coupletimes a night and he has been sleeping thru the night in his crib for months. .

Rachel - posted on 09/10/2010




When babies are teething the can wake up as often as every two hrs. He needs comforting and possibly some kind of teething relief. Babies can teeth of and on as the teeth move up and down as long as it takes the teeth too come in, sometimes not till 12-14 mnths.

Daniela - posted on 09/10/2010




I HAVE! SOOO frustrating. He doesn't have any teeth yet, so I'm also hoping it's that. Sometimes I have to get up 6 or 7 times during the night to put his dummy back, and last night I also had to start picking him up agian. I just keep telling myself that he must be experiencing some discomfort, because he'll sleep through for weeks and then all of a sudden this. Good luck to you!

Em - posted on 09/09/2010




My boys been doing this lately too, hes not teething as such, he has 8 teeth so could be on to the back ones i suppose but next thing he has a fever! Turns out he has an ear infection so could be feeling a little out of sorts if theres no other signs of teething?

Brittany - posted on 09/09/2010




my son has slept thur the night since about 2mths and last night he woke up every 2 hours!!! and is sooo fussy! however i do see that a tooth is almost in (you can see the white tip) very well could be that your son is starting to get his little teethers in too !! Wishing you luck and sending you sleepy dust :D

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