What do you find works for No-cry sleeping?

Rachel - posted on 06/23/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




No- cry sleeping. Okay so some time there are tears but definitley not the "cry it out method". Because it good for them or cus they need to release tension, sorry what???? I have always felt this way and once we had our daughter I felt it even more strongly.

We where having such a hard time getting her to go to sleep any where other than on top of me or my husband. I got her to sleep next to me then a little space b/w us. Then I found, The no- cry sleep solution by Eizabeth Pantley, what a helpfull book. Some stuff seemed so obvious, but when u are sleep deprived even the obvious is elusive.

We have still had to do a lot of figuring on our own,. Paying attention to when she is tired, finding the best way to get her to slow down and be ready for bed.

I would love to here what other people have found works for them.


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Lisa - posted on 06/23/2010




Yes, looking at the signs have definitely helped me to put Bella'rae to sleep without too much resistance. If she does resist i know she is not ready or is trying to tell me something like she has wind. After her last feed i always change her into her pjamas then lay on the floor with her or in her cot and read her stories. She is barely 5 months but she loves it. She soon starts rubbing her eyes and making tired sounds. It doesnt take much to quickly rock her and cuddle her to sleep. I too dont believe in the let them cry it out theory... they will only learn that noone cares.

Olivia - posted on 06/23/2010




I am bf-ing so I lay her next to me and nurse her to sleep, sometimes I put her on me and rock her (so she isn't accustomed to being feed every night to sleep).

I haven't had one crying night, and she may wake up once or twice from 10:30pm to about 10am.

Of course the sleeping time has changed here and there since she is almost 6 months now. More or less we follow her lead.

When it comes to naps its the same thing, rock her to sleep or nurse her to sleep. But here I can escape and go do things. She always wakes up with a smile on her face.

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