When is it time for a 2nd LO?

Angela - posted on 04/22/2011 ( 10 moms have responded )




My daughter is 15mn old and Me and my husband was thinking bout having another one. So how old was ur LO when u decided to have another? Also how do you let your first child help and be involved so there not as jealous? I'm a stay at home mom and my daughter is a MOMMas girl, I want another one i just don't want to take time from her. How do you spend time with both?


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Giacci - posted on 05/11/2011




my boys are 23 months apart. i let my 2 year old help me give the baby a bath, make bottles, change the baby, feed the baby, hold the baby etc. he is a BIGGGG mommas boy and for a few weeks after we brought our LO home from the nicu he was reallllyyyyyy maddd at me. but now that my son is 3 months old my 2 year old is doing great. its really good to have them so close. and your daughter will do fine as long as you let her help whenever she wants to. my 2 year old started giving the baby his pacifier everytime he cried and tells him its ok dont cry. and gives him his blanket if hes cold. he loves him soo much and its all because i let him help with everything and showed him the baby isnt leavin and the baby needs his help just as much as mine. he hugs the baby and kisses him i even let him pretend to hold him... i was really holding him but he thought he was and he loved it... i had one instance shortly after we brought him home that my son snuck out of bed, climbed his gate, and dropped my newborn right in front of me as i was grabbing the baby from him.. and ever since that day hes nothing but loving to the baby. so it all depends on what you think is right for your 15 month old to do that will keep the jealousy at a minimum. and as far as spending time with her still you will have plenty of time to spend with her the first few months. my son sleeps all day so while hes asleep my 2 year old gets alllllll my attention and when the baby is awake i take my 2 year old out in the backyard and sit out there with the baby to spend sometime with him.. hope this helps.

Morgan - posted on 05/11/2011




My hubby and I just started trying for #2 our daughter is 16 months, whatever you think is best :)

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my daughter is 16 months and iv just had another little girl who is 10 days old :) dont fret about having time for them both, its true that when the second comes along its almost like second nature that you love them both equally and make time for them both in turn :) my time with both my daughters is their bathtimes, i spend 1 hour bathing and bedtime for my toddler and 1 hour with my younger daughter when my older one has gone to bed :) do it when your ready the rest will fall nicely into place ;)

Hope - posted on 05/07/2011




My little boy will be 16 months on the 11th and we found out that we are expecting another baby 12/30/11 I was worried at first and still have some worries that Peyton will be jealous- he has to have the attention all the time right now. But at the same time we are getting excited about having another little one around.

Kim - posted on 05/06/2011




My little one was 15 months old when I discovered I was 6 weeks pregnant. My peanut is due November 16, the day after my little turns 2. I was shocked, panicked and thought I was going to pass out!! I'm obviously past that and am trying to transition my little one to be a "big girl." Wish me luck!!

Cheyenne - posted on 05/06/2011




i have a 15 month old and i just found out im 7 weeks pregnant with our 2nd. we werent planning on having another this soon because of money and tight room but we have accepted it and are happy. my son doesnt really talk or in fact LISTEN to anything i say so he probably wont understand why mommy cant hold him as much or anything. he will be almost 2 when this baby is born.

Shellie - posted on 04/27/2011




My daughter is 15 mos old and I just had my son. He is one month old. She did great adjusting to the new baby. She did get a little jealous for the first week and now she points to him and says "baby". My hope is that having them so close together that they will grow up playing together and form a close bond. It has its challenges too. My daughter is not walking yet, so getting to go out places while trying to carry both of them is very hard. It also takes a long time to get out of the house to make sure all diapers have been changed and that everybody has been fed. Good luck!

Paula - posted on 04/26/2011




I'm currently 25 weeks of with bub #2 with an almost 16 month old boy. I'm not sure how we'll go but pretty soon we'll know!! It took a while for me to conceive #1 so we started trying fairly early and I fell first time!! I was in shock for a few months I think! Now I'm a little scared, lol. But my sister had hers 13 months apart and they're great friends at 3&4 years old. It was hard to start with though.
I think you'll know when the right time is and I think when it happens we'll be able to love both and give both the attention they need. At least thats what I'm hoping anyway!!

Melissa - posted on 04/26/2011




I agree that it is really up to you and your husbad. If you are ready go for it. I suggest you plan to have specail days with your 1st LO once the baby comes. For example if the new baby is sleeping. Have specail games, movies, crafts, whatever planned for just you and her. My LO is currently 15mns and we are planning to start trying in Sept. If we get pregnant as jast as we did with ours, she will be 2 1/2 when the baby comes. Good Luck with your decission.

Georgina - posted on 04/26/2011




It is really up to u when u are ready for another one, my first 3 are spaced 3 years apart, my 3rd and 4th child are 22 months apart and my 4th and 5th are 7 years apart. I think 3 years is a good age gap for me for they have a better understanding of a new bub and u can get them to help with nappy changes and making bottles and even getting them to help at feeding time giving bub a bottle. But it is also good having them close as they grown up together and they sometimes form a great bond. As for spending time with your kids u just have to make time, like when bub is asleep spend time with your daughter one on one and try to get her to understand that when bub is awake that he/she needs your time just as much as she does.But in the end it is your choice on how u think u will cope with say a 2 year old and new born.

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