Why is it so hard to give my baby different solid foods?

Jacquie - posted on 10/16/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




My son is 8 and a half months old. I began giving him small spoonfuls of baby pots of pureed fruits to start then moved on to giving him mashed potatoes in soup.
Today I tried giving him potatoes mashed with carrots and brocolli (with some milk to soften it!)
but he wasn't fussed on taking it!!
He doesn't really like the jars of ready-made baby food =(

Any suggestions?
What do you give your baby?
Thanks =)


Melanie - posted on 10/16/2010




My girls both tookto food really well, but I only introduced 1 new flavor at a time. If I had mashed potatos, then I tried potatoes and carrots a couple of days later, then maybe potatoes and brocolli a couple of days later than that... That kind of thing.
Brocolli is acidic, along with carrots, so that could be too much of a good thing.
I puree everything together and feed her a little at a time, with some pablum thrown in to thicken it up. Whatever she doesn't take, I freeze in muffin tins or ice cube trays, so she can eat later. I find that if I keep 1 ingredient the same all the time (usually the pablum) she eats it easier. Our daughters also really don't like foods that are runny, like soup, so I thicken everything slightly with pablum. Both of the girls eat well and are not fussy at all.
Good luck, every babe's different, so just keep trying until you find something that works.


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Morgan - posted on 10/19/2010




My daughter hates jared food and even homemade puree of any kind, I give her all finger foods now and she dose great she eats Small bits of Chicken, beef, pork,scrambled egg, toast, banana, mango, peas, cooked carrot,potatoe, cauliflower,the tops of asparagus, cheese, yougurt she will really eat anything that she can see us eating :)

Donna - posted on 10/19/2010




Give some finger foods he can play with by himself, like eggy bread or omlette - in fact whatever you are eating if it is not in tiny bits, too high in salt or a vindaloo curry.
Let him find enjoyment for himself and relax knowing that he gets most of his nutrition from milk until he is 1 anyway.
Good luck

Erin - posted on 10/17/2010




We give him all sorts of stuff and none of it is mashed any more. He eats finger foods, bread, cheese, ripe fruit, soft veggies, cheerios, plain yogurt, etc. Basically stuff with little sugar and salt. Good luck!

Kristal - posted on 10/16/2010




i dont really knoww. my son will wat anything and hes the same age as yours. maybe she just doesnt like that type of food

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