Due in November/December 2010

A community for mommies that are expecting in Nov./Dec. of 2010. It doesn't matter if this is baby #1 or baby #5! We want to hear about everything you're thinking, wondering, worrying about. Positive and meaningful debate is encouraged, but please remain calm and be respectful of everyone's opinion. This is a place for connecting, not rejecting. Please only join if you have confirmed pregnancy with a positive test or doctor's visit. This is only for expectant moms.



I think I am going to go crazy with always feeling sick and crappy. I have read all the normal things to try and nothing works. Does anyone have any tips that have worked for...



We found out today that we lost our December baby. It was never right from the beginning. I bled from 5-8 weeks. I've been on Progesterone for 4 weeks, but the baby still...


baby rejects bottle..help!!

My baby is 11 weeks today and i have begun work.i tried giving her a bottle a month ago but she just won't take it.She's a poor eater...even breast feeds 3-4 times with short...



ugh.anyone have any ideas for keeping a cat away from babys room?she keeps sleeping on all his things. i caught her in his crib and cradle. i lock her in the basement when i go...


Where do you live?

Thought it might be cool to see if some of us live in the same areas. I'm currently in Great Lakes, IL (about an hour north of Chicago).


Anybody live in Australia?

Hi all, just wondering if there are any mums out there that live in Australia? I would be interested in meeting some mums around my area. I live in Toowoomba, I have a a boy...


We did it

William Robert was born on 17th December 2010 at 00:01. A much easier labour and recovery this time round, well anything would be compared with 31 hours last time... I hope...


Arrival of Breanna Grace

Hi, hope all you mums out there are well! My baby Breanna is finally here! After a 24 hour labour, she arrived via emergency c-section at 8.04am on Thursday 4th November. She...


hes finally here!!!

just want to spread my joyous news that i gave birth to my lil boy on the 10th of november he was a couple of weeks early but we are doing fine!! he was a tiny 5lbs but oh such...



Amelia Francis Grace born 28th November 2010.8 days early,following a very quick 49 minute labour and delivery,we all feel great and we have two very proud big sisters :-)...


Past my due date and waiting!

Ok. Now I get why people say that going over your due date makes pregnancy excruciatingly long! I'm now 2 days over due and the waiting is killing me. Every little cramp or...


New here!

Hi, I just found this group and thought I would say hi. My husband and I are expecting our first December 20th. Its great to see other ladies going through the same process.


The Loss Of My Baby

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the death of my baby boy. Baby Gavin Michael Harris was born at 19.4 weeks on 7/23/10 at 2:05 am. This was my 5th loss. He weighed 8.30...


Inducing Labor....

So I am officially 2 days over due, and trying every natural way of inducing labor. I have tried spicy food, pineapple, herbal raspberry tea, bouncing on a ball, rolling on a...


sleep hurts

Hey any one...i am 34 week preg and i am presently comfortable sleeping only on my right! when i do try to change to the left, my hip hurts perhaps coz baby lies on that side...


Here comes baby!

How many of you are December mamas? Anyone a December mama that gave birth in November? Anyone getting induced in the next week? I'm due December 5th, but I think my little...