A 180 mood change!

Wendy - posted on 02/25/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




So, this whole day, my baby didn't want to eat all that much, maybe 3 oz per feeding. But, it wasn't until I tried to feed her tonight at 7pm that she started crying OUT OF CONTROL. She never does this, ever! So, I got worried, I thought she might be starving that's why she's crying so much, but can't seem to calm down to feed. Well, i finally got her to calm down by taking her outside then she drank around 3 oz. She kept crying afterward, I thought maybe I hurt her someway, when I took her out of her jumperoo right before starting her 7pm feed. But then around 9pm She was able to eat another 4 oz, but then starting crying crazily again. Is this teething? or something else? Anyone else see a dramatic mood change?
Luckily, I have her 5 month well baby checkup tomorrow morning, I'll ask the doc too.


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Jodi - posted on 02/26/2010




I would say its just teething. Last week my son would barely eat 3 oz at a time (he usually eats anywhere from 6-8). He would starting eating, cry, take another couple of sucks cry, etc. He usually eats about 35-40oz (he's big, lol) a day, and he only ate 18. I had an appt. with the doctor too, and he said it's his teeth. I guess it hurts to suck when they are coming in, so I put some baby oragel where they are coming through, and it seems to be helping. Its good to ask your doctor too!

Katie - posted on 02/26/2010




Might have justt been a grumpy day?? My little girl has those days sometimes but not uncontrolable crying, just "grizzly" allllll day till Daddy gets home!! that doesn't seem like much to drink at all, but to work out if its teething, i gave my daughter some (cooled boiled frozen) ice cubes and wrapped them in a damp washcloth and held it in her mouth, she chomped and chewed and loved it, but she didnt go crazy again after that.. could be teething, could be sore tummy, could be tired, could have a headache, u just don't really know hey!

i find if my girl is happy one second then really sad, i think it's tummy pains so i hold her facing away from me, with my hands holding her tummy gently rubbing and rocking in the arm chair, this always works for me...

still, best to ask the doc, let us know what doc said!?

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