any other tiny babies out there?

Petrina - posted on 07/08/2010 ( 11 moms have responded )




My daughter Bella-rose was born September 30th and weighs 14lb now, i have noticed that a lot of other peoples babies in the same age gap are a lot bigger and those that are around the same weight as Bella-rose are having tests and stuff done because there babies aren't gaining any weight. My Plunket nurse had no problem with her weight quiet the opposite she was happy that she had gained more than the last appointment as she got quiet sick a few weeks after birth and took a while to get right. I should also mention that she was 5 weeks prem. I'm not worried about it or looking for advice i just wanted to know how many others babies out there were as tiny as my little one.


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Jenny - posted on 07/30/2010




Sylvia was in the 25th percentile for both height and weight when she was born and has stuck to that growth curve ever since. She's so tiny, she's 10 months but still wears all her 6-9 month clothes. I guess she's just going to petite like her mommy!

Tiffany - posted on 07/12/2010




my lil lady baylee was born 09-09-09 and is around 15lbs. she is very very short as well. the length of 0-3 months cloths still fit her. but they are a bit She is a chubby lil thang and has rolls all over her lil legs. but she is just tiny. I only weighed 25 lbs when i started K so I guess she takes after me. My son is 2 now and weighs 35, but he is not fat he is all muscle. So i have one tiny one and one big

Julia - posted on 07/12/2010




My daughter was born September 22nd and was 8lbs 6oz ( I was gestational diabetic) and at 9 months weighed 17lbs 6oz and height was 27 inches. For starting out big she sure isn't anymore.

Tamara - posted on 07/12/2010




My little girl is 10 months old, born on 9/11/09. At her last appointment she was 13 lbs 14oz, she was 5 lbs 13 oz when born. She was born on her due date, never sick, eats well and pretty active. Also, she now loves big girl food, chicken pieces and fruits. The doctors say she is perfect even though she is smaller, she is porportionate even being at the 3rd percentile.

As long as the baby is growing and eating everything should be fine, I see all these posts for the big babies. To me they almost look like little sumo wrestlers compared to the small babies.

Tiffany - posted on 07/11/2010




My daughter was born sept 26th and as of Friday (july 9th) she weighed 18lbs 2 oz

Bridget - posted on 07/11/2010




Adeline is a tiny baby she is 15 lbs 8 oz and 26 1/4". She is at 5% in weight and 15% in height. She has steadily dropped in percentile since birth, but seems to have settled at her current percentiles! People are always shocked to hear she is 9 months old.

Kirsty - posted on 07/10/2010




Maysen wasn't born prem but was low birthweight weighing only 4lb 5oz on Sept 29th. He weighed 15lb 3oz at his check up on Tuesday.

Teresa - posted on 07/09/2010




James battled severe reflux the first six months too. He was born kind of low at 6lbs 8oz and a week past due. I say that is low but I know some won't agree with me. He only weighted 18lbs 3oz. At his six month check up, he had dropped from 25 to 10 in his weight and from 50 to 25 percent in his heigh. Dr put him on zantac and he is still 10 percent in his weight, but a nice 50 percent in his height. I had a high metabolism growing up and expect James too as well. Maybe that is what is going on?

Kerry - posted on 07/09/2010




hello!! Just wanted to put your mind at ease and let you know i have a little bubba too! My Isabelle will be 10 months on the 15th of september and she weighs almost 16 pounds. She was not prem but had sevre reflux for the first 6 months of her life so struggled to gain weigh. Dont stress too much and long as your baby is following her own grown pattern and not LOSING weight im sure she will catch up! My baby eats like a pig and still struggles to gain weight because she is crawling and almost walking so is very active. I think she is also just going to be a petite little girl unlike her mummy :)

Andrea - posted on 07/08/2010




For on she 5 weeks premature so I'm sure that put her lower on the weight to start with. What was she when she was born? My step daughter was born weighing .15ozs and only weighted around 15lbs at a year. The fact she gaining is what they look at not so much how much her weight. My daughter was born Sept 2nd and is 18lbs and 27 inches. I think she a little short most.

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