anyone else has since had another child?

Betty - posted on 08/13/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi Everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has since had another baby. My little girl born September 09 was my first. I have since then had a little boy born may 2012. He's almost 3 months now.

How are you coping? I'm finding it tough sometimes trying to share attention between both of them and trying to not make my little girl feel jealous.

I know She loves her little baby brother but sometimes is tough as she gets a little rough playing with him as she gets excited. I try to tell her to be gentle but sometimes she gets upset as she thinks I don't love her no more.

Is slowly getting better now and she's becoming a great little helper with her baby brother.

Anyone else went through this?


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Melissa - posted on 09/10/2012




I had my second in Jan, so she's just over 7 month now. Those first few months were really hard with my older one, I could tell at times he felt really jealous (especially when I was nursing), he loves his sister, but it was an adjustment. It has gotten much much easier though. I have a really hard time with him playing too rough with her, but she's toughened up really nicely and it usually doesn't seem to bother her anymore (unless of course she's trying to get him in trouble, I'm not sure that's possible at such a young age, but it sure seems like she does!). He loves helping out with her and playing with her and snuggling with her, the other day he even made sure to pack her snacks and toys for the park too :-)

Just know it is an adjustment for everyone and it will get easier! :-)

Avatarlisamd_16 - posted on 08/29/2012




i jus had a abay girl 3 weeks ago an a day but i also have 3yr old boy an he love his sister he runs to her aid wen she cries an wen she need to be fed or changed or jus to play wit her for attention he does it but b4 all this happen he wanted to kno wen she was goin home he thought that maybe she was sumbody else kid but no she isnt he cried a lil but he got over it after the sec week she was home it normal for the old child to feel sumtim type of way

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