Anyone having trouble with baby foods?

Elizabeth - posted on 04/08/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




So we started feeding our baby at 6 months baby food. Before that we gave him cereal with formula for a few weeks. At 6 months gave him applesauce than bananas. Now we are trying carrots and peas and he hates them so much. He turns away, puts his hands in the way, and won't even open his mouth for the spoon now. It's been a couple of days of trying and I hoped he would've become used to it but nothing. We waited around 3 weeks before trying veggies. He will be 7 months on the 17th. Any suggestions...Or similar issues. Thanks


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Jackie - posted on 04/11/2010




try mixing in b/milk or formula this might help give them a bit of a taste that they know. it has worked for me on a few veggies.

Tania - posted on 04/10/2010




My daughter was the same way with the carrots and peas. She flat out HATED them. She will eat both green and yellow beans, squash and sweet potatoes with absolutely no trouble though. I would have to agree with what Elizabeth mentioned, that sometimes you just have to cut your loss and move on lol. You can always go back to the foods she didn't like and try them again once she starts to develop her own palate. She may surprise you and end up being the baby that loves it all :)

Elizabeth - posted on 04/08/2010





My first son we had no problems with feeding he ate everything. But i'm going to try some sweet potatoes. Thanks for the advice.

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HI there,

You're supposed to (from what I understand) try veggies first - orange/yellow then green before you try fruit, because fruit is so sweet, they won't have the palate for more bland veggies.

Sometimes they just don't like a particular food - and if you've gotten in enough to constitute 'trying it' - ie; a spoonful for 3 days, then move on to the next food. Don't focus on one. My first son hated beans - we did it for 3 days, then never again, lol.

I would keep trying with the veggies - try squash or sweet potato, they have been a hit for both my sons, as they are a bit sweet...once you have done vegetables, then go to fruit. Once he's tried enough foods, you can mix some up - give fruits in the morning for brekkie with cereal, veggies at night - eventually you'll intro meat and everything.


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