Can't get my wedding ring off!

Kellie - posted on 10/15/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




Against my better judgement, I left my wedding rings on throughout the pregnancy. I retained a lot of fluid towards the end and couldn't get my rings off. I figured the fluid would be gone by now (I gave birth 5 weeks ago) but I still can't get them off. Does anyone else have this problem? Should I continue to wait it out or should I get them cut off? I would leave them alone but they are really bothering me, leaving red indents that hurt. Any advice would be helpful because they're not budging!


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Sanri - posted on 10/19/2009




I took mine off at 28 weeks and my boy is now 6 weeks and I still can't get them on. I have lost almost all my pregnancy weight (only need to lose another 3 kg) and my hubby and I have decided to get me new (bigger) rings. We probably will get it made in December when we get our 13th cheque.

Kellie - posted on 10/19/2009




Ugh! I ended up having to get them cut off at the jewelers...they were kiling me! Luckily I have the insurance and it was free to get them fixed. I will definitely take them off for the next pregnancy, not fun.

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I gave birth 7 weeks ago and I took my rings off at 30 weeks, I still have fluid and have not been able to get them back on... Doctors advice is to wait a bit longer.

Good luck

Veronica - posted on 10/17/2009




Have you tried conditioner in the shower (not soap) conditioner worked really well when I needed to get mine off w/ a lot of water retention...might work! Good Luck!

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