Diet plan for 6 and a half monyth old son :)

Nitii - posted on 03/24/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi All, i am Niti Seth and have been blessed with a son named Arjun. He is 6 and a half months old and i needed some suggestions with his diet plan and setting his schduele.

Currently it is :
1. Have arond 2-3 oz of milk around 7am
2. 830-9am - oats or porige
3. Sleeps till about 10:30am
4. around 12noon khichdi (dal and rice) with carrots
5.sleeps arond 1 till 2:30pm
6. Milk 5oz
7. 4:15pm he sleeps till 5:30
8. bananas or apples
9. 7:30pm cereal
10. arond 10:30pm 7oz of milk
11. sleeps from 11pm till 4 and then takes a bottle feed of 3-5oz

am really confused pls advice.thanks


Jodi - posted on 03/25/2010




I agree with Kellie, not enough formula. At 6 months it should still be the primary source of food. My 6 month old's food schedule goes something like this.

8am: 7oz of formula
10am: 2 tbsp of cereal
12pm: 7oz of formula
3pm:half jar of veggies and half jar of fruits.
5:30pm: 7oz of formula
7:00pm 2 tbsp of cereal
Then I bath him and he has another 4oz bottle around 7:30. When he's done he's put in his crib, talks to himself for a bit and is asleep by 8pm. He sleeps the entire night and we start all over again when he wakes at 7:30am. He eats frequently because he is a big boy (almost 21lbs) so I am soon going to introduce meats. At this age, when babies eat enough during the day they have the ability to sleep all night. Good luck :)


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Kellie - posted on 03/25/2010




Doesn't sound like enough breastmilk/formula. They still suggest anywhere from 24-30 oz at this age. My little one does this somewhat regularly.

Wakes up at about 6am for a bottle (6oz)

Goes back to sleep until 8am

Has breakfast (fruit of some sort...apples, peaches, bananas, pears) at 9am

Has a 6oz bottle around 11am

Naps 11:30am-2pm (he's a good napper)

Has another 6oz bottle around 3-3:30pm

Naps 4:30-5 sometimes 5:30pm

Has dinner (vegetable of some sort mixed with 1tablespoon of cereal to make it hardier) around 6pm

Bath around 7:15-7:30pm

Has a 7oz bottle at 7:45-8pm

Sleeps until 6am

So he has two solid meals at this point, one fruit, one vegetable. They also recommend to continue cereal because it is fortified with iron which is why I mix it with the veggies. He also usually consumes 25-27oz of milk in a day. If I were you, I would just mix your morning cereal (oats or porridge) with the fruits maybe and substitute that cereal time with another bottle. Just my opinion. But if you're both happy with the schedule then stick with it.

Kelly - posted on 03/25/2010




I give my daughter mashed veges pumkin, potato, kumara, silverbeet in the late afternoon for tea, she has custard for lunch banana, vanilla, apple custard (the little can foods you buy at the supermarket) i hope this will help a bit.

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