does she have to share it?

Amber - posted on 04/05/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter is 2.5 yrs and we recently moved in with my mom until we find a house we like. My niece, who is 2 yrs. old is over at my moms all the time. I love my niece and am so happy my daughter and her will be close however, she destroys things. I really am big on sharing so I have taught my daughter to share, my niece does not do this well. My daughter has a few toys and her loveys (blankets and paci) which she really is not too keen on sharing. I would in any other scenario teach my daughter how important it is to share even those few things but my niece chews on them, walks all over her fuzzy(blanket) and has out holes in her paci' my question is...Is it wrong for me not to teach my daughter to share these things and how should i tell my brother she doesnt have to since he insists that she shares her special things too.Thanks


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S. - posted on 04/06/2012




I agree with Michelle on this one pacifiers shouldn't be shared and we all have those special items we don't like to share, even as a adult I have a mug my children got me I don't like others using. Maybe put the special things out of sight whilst your niece is there, just say to your brother that you will have her share everything except her comfort items. I think your doing well getting them to share this much to be honest :)

Michelle - posted on 04/05/2012




Well to start with they should not be sharing a pacifier those things are go in the mouth and would just be asking them to share every germ they have not sanitary, as for her special blanket or a special toy no I think every kid should have the right to have something that is just there's and no one elses, tell your brother that though you agree with sharing you feel that somethings are allowed to be special and just for one. Encourage him to find items that are really special for his daughter as well.

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