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Alison - posted on 08/29/2010 ( 19 moms have responded )




I was just curious to know what do you feed your 11 month old in a day? I'm thinking that I'm underfeeding my son but not sure what is the right amount to feed him.


Karen - posted on 08/31/2010




well all babies eat different amounts and i`m sure yours will let you know if he needs more...my little guy has been on table food eating what we eat since about 8 months but in the run of a day this is what he typically gets:

7- milk

730- either french toast, a pancake, a waffle, toast, scrambled egg or oatmeal + a little bit of fresh fuit or yogurt

930 - a snack of gerber little crunchies or puff (he doesn`t always want this snack though)

11 or 1130 is lunch - could be anything from a ham sandwich, grill cheese, soup, rice & chicken and veggies (usually either carrotts, broccoli, cauliflour, string beans, peas, brussel sprouts)

2 snack of cereal bar, apple sauce or gold fish crackers

3- milk

5 supper - whatever we`re having (always one type of meat or fish, + either a pasta, rice or potatoe and veggies different from the lunch ones)

7 - milk before bed

hope this helps you a bit..however, i do realize that i have a very on the go little guy and he seems to eat alot (people have commented about it)

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There is no "right amount" for a baby. They have different appetites, and even one baby's appetite can differ from day to day. If you think you are underfeeding him, ask yourself: a) Is he staying on his infant growth curve? b) Does he seem full at the end of a meal? c) Is he compensating for a lack of solid foods by asking for more breast milk/formula? My daughters both had voracious appetites as babies, and it seemed I was always overfeeding them. For instance, my 11 month old can eat an entire banana for breakfast, and then a handful of Cheerios. She can easily put away a 6 oz yogurt at snack time. But they are both petite, 50th percentile little girls who are very active. I learned with my 4 year old that the appetite wanes during the toddler years, and that you have to work to pack in healthy, nutritious foods because toddlers are on the go so much of the time, and because their growth slows compared to infancy. So don't worry if your baby doesn't eat like the lists given on this forum; babies are very smart at getting exactly the amount of nutrition they need. If you're worried about underfeeding, try offering more food when the initial amount of food is gone. Babies don't overeat unless they are underloved or have an endocrine problem. Oh, and skip the low-fat stuff till at least 3 years old - babies needs lots of healthy fats for brain development!

Amy - posted on 09/07/2010




Hi Allison!
The cues from the baby are the best indicator for if they are hungry. If he is crying you can always try to give him a bottle or food, and when he's full, he'll stop. Just if you are offering food or drink at regular intervals, he will be fine. He's not gonna starve, I'm sure. I have a bachelors degree in nutrition, so I can offer a little advice. Usually an 11mo baby's eating schedule looks similar to our eating schedule; breakfast, snack and/or milk, lunch, snack and/or milk, dinner, bedtime snack and/or milk. My son is 11 1/2mo and his eating schedule looks like this:

8:00 breakfast- oatmeal or rice cereal or 1 piece toast and 1/2 banana or 8"whole wheat blueberry pancake (no syrup).
4 oz whole milk

10:30 4oz breast milk/formula before nap

12:00 lunch- 1 pb&j sandwich w/ 1/2 banana or 1 grilled cheese sandwich w/ 4 oz. vegetable baby food or 1.5c macaroni and cheese w/ 1/4cup cooked spinach or broccoli.
4 oz. whole milk or 1 oz. apple or grape juice diluted
with 3 oz. water.

2:00 4 oz. breast milk/formula before nap

3:30 snack- 4 whole wheat crackers or 1/2cup cheerios or 1cup yogurt

6:00 dinner- whatever we are eating, usually for him a 1/4 cup meat/fish, 1/2 cup vegetable and 1/2 cup starch (rice, beans, potatoes, etc.)

8:00 4 oz breastmilk/formula before bed

Hope this helps! Good luck and I'm sure you're doing a good job :)

Tanith - posted on 09/05/2010




To keep it short and simple:

6:30 - Breastfeed
9:00 - About 200g Maize meal porridge
10:30 - Breastfeed and nap until 1:00
1:30 - 100g tub yoghurt + half an avocado mashed + 100g pureed pears.
3:00 - Breastfeed
4:30 - Slice of toast with spread
6:00 - 200g vegetables and meat + 125g desert
8:00 - Breastfeed and bed time

Toni - posted on 09/08/2010




Every baby or todddler is different, they will let you know.
My girl only eats 4-5 tsps of table food, plus 7 oz of milk. That is plenty for her, she is just a baby, and they have little stomach is she eats to much she will throw up.


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Fanchon - posted on 09/15/2010




my baby just turned 1 and I'm still mostly just breastfeeding. She will eat here and there some, but we are not on a "routine" of meal times. That's probably not the best plan but she is bigger than most 1 year olds and has always been on the 90% + on growth chart. That's what works for us :)

Melinda - posted on 09/13/2010




My daughter has been eating finger foods for about a month and a half now. I thought that I was overfeeding her and I can now pick up the cues if she's still hungry or full. When she is still hungry and runs out of food on her tray, she will let our a little yell to let me know that she wants more. She will also stop eating if she is full (that was my big worry). I also noticed that she eats more like us adults. As mall breakfast, a moderate sized lunch and a big dinner. If she doesn't eat the big dinner, she'll wake up hungry in the middle of the night wanting a bottle. Breakfast at 7:30, which is usually different types of cut up fruit and a handful of cheerios. She gets a mid morning bottle of formula around 9am (6 oz). Then she'll have lunch around noon which is usually cut up cold cuts into cubes, veggies, cubed cheese or fruit and another 6 oz bottle. She'll have a mid-day snack around 3:30 which is usually another 6 oz bottle and some puffs, or some cut up fruit or baby yogurt. Then for dinner, she eats usually small portions of a meat, a starch and steamed veggies. I'm trying new things for her to eat such as grilled cheese, fish sticks, cut up rotini pasta with butter and parmesan cheese. Always looking for new suggestions if anyone has any. My daughter really isn't picky. She also gets a late night bottle before she goes to bed. When she turns one in a few weeks, we are just going to swap out her formula for whole milk, but keep her feeding schedule the same.

Diane - posted on 09/11/2010




my LO has just turned 1 today :D his routine is

7am- milk 8 ounces
10/10.30= breakfast he loves his weatabix with juice
1-2 = lunch sandwiches puffs fuit juice anything really
5= dinner = potatoe chicken nuggets beans or w/e we eat
7.30/8.00pm bath then 8oz milk then bed
p.s he has naps wenever he feels tired

Joline - posted on 09/10/2010




You can also go to the Gerber website and answer a few short questions and get your meal plan for free. It only takes a matter of minutes. I update mine every 2 months or so. I just like to check it to see if my son eats about what he should.

Also- really great advice I learned: If your not sure if your baby is hungry or not, rub or touch the side of the cheek about 1 inch from their mouth. It is a natural reaction for them to move towards the touch IF they are hungry. And the best part is...it works!!! If they are hungry their head will turn. If not, there is no reaction.

Joy - posted on 09/10/2010




Hi There,

Here is the eating schedule for my 12 month old daughter.

7-7:30 : 6-7 oz bottle of formula
8am: Breakfast - Either cheerios, toast with PB, waffle, yogurt, apple sauce, blueberries, kiwi, grapes, strawberries, melon. Always a graon and fruit.
11am - 6-7 oz bottle of formula and nap time.
1230-1pm : Lunch - Whatever is served at her daycare ie: mac and cheese, veggies, fish, soup etc with water. When at home; either grilled cheese, pasta, sandwich and fruit with whole milk in a sippy cup.
230: Snack - puffs, yougurt bites, gold fish crackers and water.
3-4 : 6-7 oz bottle of formula
5pm - Supper: Usually what ever we are having. A meat with veggies (ie: sweet potatoe fries, beans, carrots, corn) slice of bread with butter and whole milk in a sippy cup.
7-730pm - 6-7 oz bottle of formula
8pm - Bed Time

My daughter out right refuses to eat anyhting from a spoon so i have to offer her things she can eat hearself with her hands.

Sarah - posted on 09/09/2010




I know I've already posted once, but I have changed up my son's eating schedule a bit. Here's what it looks like now:

8:00am (Breakfast): blueberry cream cheese toast & a container of yogurt

9:00am (Snack): Cheerios & we attempt a sippy cup of water or milk (he doesn't take to a sippy cup very well)

10:30am (Naptime): 8oz of formula in bottle

12:30pm (Lunch): Either a ham/cheese or turkey/cheese sandwich toasted in oven OR a blackberry jelly sandwich & a container of applesauce

3:00pm (Snack): Another container of yogurt or cheerios & attempt the sippy cup again

5:30pm (Dinner): Another sandwich with a veggie OR chicken with a veggie...occasionally some noodles with this beef gravy stuff or chicken noodle soup.

8:00pm (Bedtime): 8oz of formula in bottle

I bought a book called "Top 100 Finger Food Recipes" but I haven't made anything yet. I'm going to pick a few recipes out of the book to start with. :)

Danielle - posted on 09/09/2010




Hi All, found this very interesting and thought I would add my tuppence worth.
6am - 7 Fl Oz of formula and straight back to sleep
9am - Oatmeal porridge with whole milk and a homemade fruit puree (berries, some banana and either prunes or dried apricots)
Lunchtime - Quinoa or pasta with mixed veggies (meat three times a week)
Afternoon - 7 Fl Oz of formula
Supper - Scrambled eggs (once a week) some yoghurt and fruit
Bedtime - 7Fl Oz of formula

Aicha - posted on 09/09/2010




well my daughter starts off with breastfeeding in the early am then she has cheerios for breakfast with mom then she has some more breastfeeding then some fruit and vegetables and milk or chocolate milk depending on what I'm drinking she then has a nap and then a pbj or light snack and more breastfeeding then she has dinner with her father and I which is light just eggs bread olives tea and dates then she has a bath and breastfeeds then bed

Rae - posted on 09/08/2010





Alyssa's day goes like this...

7 am - Breastfeed
8:30 am - Cheerios, 1 scrambled egg, 1 piece of whole wheat toast, fresh fruit. Yogurt. Tippy cup of whole milk.
1030 am. Milk (doesn't usually drink it all, but is offered anyway) Then a nap.
12 noon: It varies, usually a ham and cheese sandwich, fresh fruit and another glass of milk.
3 pm: Glass of milk, some graduate puffs or sugar free cookie.
6-7 pm (around that time depending on how tired she is!) - Whatever we are eating, but she loves her rice, chicken strips, fish sticks etc. Followed by more fresh fruit, plus a bowl of the infant cereal (without it she doesn't sleep at all!)

Your little one would let you know if they were not getting enough food, cry more, breastfeed more/formula etc. Alyssa is a very slender baby, but very active...and a year old yesterday, she's growing up so fast!

Noreen - posted on 09/05/2010




WOW! Everyones babies are eating a ton of solids! My 11.5 month old Abby (9/23) eating routine is:

6am: nurse
8am: banana, apple, pear, or strawberries then nurse afterwards
10am: nurse and nap
1pm: 6oz of veggies (jarred food if we're out) or whatever I am eating for lunch
230pm: nurse then nap (I usually pump 3oz from the opposite side she nurses on for her night time cereal. She nurses on one side at a time)
430/5: nurse and then snacks on what we eat for dinner
8/830: oatmeal with pumped breastmilk mixed in, nurse then bed.
2am: nurse

Sometimes she nurses more then once in the middle of the night, sometimes she sleeps through the night. She gets cereal as her dinner time solid because of her silent acid reflux that was keeping her up and miserable at night. She is also walking and ver active. According to Kellymom.com, her diet should consist of 75% breastmilk and 25% solids. She didn't start really eating solids until she was 9months.

Megan - posted on 09/05/2010




my LO is on similar eating sleeping schedule as a few here. She goes to her sitter during the week and eay way more there because she loves to eat when the others are eating...even if she has finished her meal.

7:30- topped off before we leave ;)
8:30- Yogurt mixed with quinoa, fruit (blue berries or diced peaches) and Cinnamon or cottage cheese and fruit puree mixed in. Sometimes cheerios or melon to eat while the sitter feeds the others so she doesn’t have a meltdown ;)
9:30-3-6oz of BM in a cup before nap (9:30-11)
11:00- milk or water in a cup (3-6 oz) and some fruit diced cherries, grapes, melon or blue berries
12:30- lunch of left overs from dinner or quinoa and pureed (thicker puree) roasted veggies and a cheese stick. Black bean burger and veggies or an avocado. Depends on what we have in the house. Plus water and or the rest of her milk.
Nap 2-3:30
4:00- snack of hummus or cream cheese and crackers, fruit, or cheerios. She sometimes will eat cheerios and fruit or finish the veggies from lunch.
5:00 Nurse
6:00 dinner- whatever we eat and water. She is a meat freak! We make enough for her and have never limited spices or anything. I package a portion for her lunch the next day too.
7:15 nurse and bed.

She eats a lot of fruit so we don't ever drink juice.

Kellie - posted on 09/02/2010




We just did away with 2 of his 4 bottles! It's wonderful :) Here's our day.

5am (yes 5am!) 8oz bottle...4oz of formula mixed with 4oz of whole milk

8am Breakfast, cheerios, toast, english muffin, waffle, graham cracker, eggs, fruit, he has watered down motts tot's apple juice

11am Snack goldfish, graham cracker, cereal bar he has the juice with his snack as well

2pm Yo baby yogurt with puffs, fruit, graham crackers, cereal bar, again juice

5pm Dinner, little bit of what we eat, he loves mashed potatoes and fish. He has whole milk out of a sippy for dinner.

7:30pm 8oz bottle (4oz of formula and 4oz of whole milk)

He's just getting his first teeth so he has a hard time breaking down anything that doesn't dissolve in his mouth. He has a lot of carbs at this point. He eats a lot out of his feeder. We love that netted feeder because you can put anything in it and know he's not going to choke. We are working off of our last container of formula and once it's gone, so are the bottles. We'll still feed him the milk in the morning and night but hopefully he'll drink it out of a sippy.

Amanda - posted on 09/02/2010




hi there! my son started walking at 8.5 months so hes on the go quite a bit and eats ALL the time.. but this is what our schedule usually looks like
7-8oz of whole milk
730-pb toast, english muffin with cheese, rice krispies or eggs, or a smoothie (1/2 cup of milk, 1cup of frozen fruit and one small container of yogurt. if its still to thick i had water instead of milk)
nap 930-11
lunch at 11-usually a sandwich of sorts, tuna, pb and jam, ham and cheese. he usually eats whole pieces of fruit or a yogurt as well (favors bluberries! could eat an entire container!!)
nap 1-2ish
snack-puffs, ritza crackers, or snack packs of-bits and botes, teddy grahams ect
430 supper-a meat with a veggie and sometimes with a starch, mashed or baked potato, rice, pasta. corn on the cob ect
snack at 630 with 8oz of milk. usually toddler biscuits or puffs, rusk crackers. something light. he gets nothing after 7.
bath at 7 with bedtime bubble bath followed by a massage with bedtime lotion and bed at 730. typically sleeps till 7am.

Sarah - posted on 08/31/2010




Hi Alison, here is what my 11 month old's eating schedule looks like:

7:30am: 6-7oz formula
9:00am: Breakfast - Container of yogurt & cheerios OR occasionally toast with cream cheese
10:30am: 6-7oz formula & naptime
12:30pm: Lunch- Either a grilled cheese sandwich or blackberry jelly sandwich with a little fruit or crackers
3:00pm: 6-7 oz formula
4:00pm: Snack - Either yogurt, cheerios, goldfish, or animal crackers, etc...
6:30: Dinner - usually whatever we eat...his favorites are chicken & broccoli cheese/sweet potatoes OR chicken noodle soup with crackers OR another sandwich with cream cheese, etc...
8:00pm - 6-7 oz formula before bedtime

I'm trying to cut down his formula. I realize he is still getting a lot of formula, but he had some issues with weight gain, so I am trying to keep up his calorie intake. In the next few weeks before he turns one, I'm going to be reducing his formula intake & substituting a little bit of whole milk to see how he does. Hope this helps a little bit!

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