how was your pregnacy?

Laura - posted on 10/07/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




i had a pretty crazy pregnacy, i had moring sickness till i was 6 months, i was in collage full time, my grandfather passed away and i was in a car accident, but still my daughter turned out perfect. i was just wondering, if anybody else had a crazy time as well?


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Sarah - posted on 10/17/2009




I had chronic morning (all day) sickness for the full 9 months. I was still vomiting the day i was induced to deliver my daughter. I also worked full time and was finishing up at uni, but i decided to take the last semester off when bubs was due as i thought caring for a newborn and trying to study would be too much. Other than the sickness i was fine during the pregnancy, at 36 weeks they told me the baby wasnt growing well and would likely be around 2.5kg's at birth. I went full term anyway and had to be induced, i was having contractions every 2 minutes from about 9am in the morning and baby was born at 5.30pm, the cord was around her neck so she had to be vacuum extracted due to fetal distress. Shouldn't have worried about her size at all though! she was 3.75kg's and her head circumferance was 36.5cm, she was a big baby. The first few days in hospital all she did was scream, probably because she had a giant welt on her head and her head was all cone shaped from the vacuum, she ended up becoming very jaundiced and spent 5 days in intensive care under billi lights. Would never know any of it to look at her now though, her heads all healed and she's completely fine.

Meged - posted on 10/14/2009




Mine was pretty easy other than the morning sickness never ending. I couldn't take the prenatal vitamins either, because they made me sick, so I had to take Flintstones vitamins. And other than not knowing that I was in labor when I when I was, because I went from starting to thin to fully dilated and laboring in 24 hours, mine was not all that bad.

Tons of stress, school all the time, but other than that, complete chill for my first pregnancy. And some day, I hope to have more.

Erin - posted on 10/12/2009




Oh you poor thing!

My pregnancy was very easy up until 24 weeks no morning sickness or anything... THEN my hips went out of place and I was in so much pain between massages and chiropractic appointments I was in bed. about 3 days after my hips improved my left leg started to swell and get very painful. My OBGYN sent me for an ultrasound as she was concearned I had DVT (a blood clot) The ultrasound showed nothing, and I was cleared to fly across the country to a wedding and our last childless holiday. 2 days after we arrived in Perth, my leg got considerably worse, went purple and was so painful I couldnt walk on it. Thinking clearly this isnt normal, I went to the emergency department in Hospital and another ultrasound found a very big blood clot (that formed from being immobile while i was in bed resting my hips) that had lodged itself in my groin/upper thigh. I was admitted to hospital, and given blood thinning injections twice a day and wear full length pressure stockings which I had to continue for the last 3 months of the pregnancy (I hate needles but im alot better with them now that i have to give them to myself twice a day).

My OBGYN said i would now have to have my baby induced 2-3 weeks early so we could come off the thinners in time to deliver so I would not bleed out... That changed about 2 weeks prior to my scheduled induction when I had my blood work done and my platelets were very high, and a ultrasound showed my baby was posterior and its head was already 36cm. She decided I had to have a scheduled c-section due to the position of the baby (as posterior births are usually very very long deliveries combined with an induction) and the size of the head risk of getting stuck inmy pelvis, she said it would be a long birth and the risk of me being off the blood thinners and re-clotting would be too high - with the c-section I would be off the thinners for the shortest time and it would be the safest option for us both... I was devestated!

Riley arrived 2 weeks early (1/09/09) via c-section - with no complications and I have healed up very well. I'm still on the twice daily injections until I see my specialist in Decemeber to have another ultrasound to hopefully see the clot has gone, then I will have a blood test to test if my blood is prone to clotting or if it was just the added stress of the pregnancy... with no family history, hopefully it was just a one off!

I do know for the next pregnancy I will have to take the injections for the full 9 months, due to the severity of the clot I had, as a precaution, Which sucks, but at least I can still have children! Blood clots can be fatal so I count my lucky stars everyday - We are both alive and fine so thats the main thing!

Ashley - posted on 10/12/2009




I also had a car accident while pregnant. sickness wise I did okay, but when i was 8 months pregnant I found out that my babys father had been cheating on me. My last month was horrible. Not only was I freaking out about the fact that at anytime I could be having a baby, but I also had to go through a breakup at the same time. Just like you though my daughter turned out perfect too! :)

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I couldn't keep anything down for the first 4months so I had lots of IVs and lots of medicine. I was trying to go to school and work. I ended up not doing either until the 4th month of my pregnancy. My hip popped out of place so I had to go to the chiropractor quite a bit! My husbands grandfather past away. We ended up taking a puppy in and she was always under my feet making me fall. My delivery was a little ruff to his cord was wrapped around his foot so when i would push his heart rate would go down. He was just a big baby too so that alone hurt. I did make it to 8cms before I got my epidural though!! I was very proud of myself!! My son turned out perfect also!!! The things you go through to get a wonderful bundle of joy!!!

Ashley - posted on 10/12/2009




i didn't have any problems w/ my pregnancy and think my life was already hectic so that didn't change much ;) delivery was a different story though! it took her 2 days to get here! i'm sorry that so much happened to you in a time that you're suppose to get to enjoy! glad she came out perfect!

Katy - posted on 10/11/2009




I was truly blessed. As far as symptoms I had some pelvic separation. That was miserable. Otherwise we did really well. My son is doing great.

Mary-Ann - posted on 10/10/2009




I am sorry to hear about all that happened when you were pregnant. I am happy that your baby is perfect and all that did not affect her in anyway. I did not have any problems during my pregnancy.

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