is it ok to give my baby a bathe before bedtime?


Krystle - posted on 11/04/2009




oh yes, that is the only tiem i give my son a bath, it helps calm him down and it helps him sleep better too. Use the johnsons lavendar bath wash it helps calm fussy babies and it works! I also give him a massage that helps him sleep is perfectly okay

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once the belly button thing falls off then you can give her a bath. before bed is the best and if you take a bath with her it's sooo much fun (if she likes baths) my baby girl is just 8 weeks and loves kicking her feet and being in the bath and yes it helps her sleep really good too :)

Cristina - posted on 11/04/2009




Yes test it! I tried to tell my husband that we needed to bathe the baby before bed and he said no she's ok. So I proved to him after 2 nights that if she didn't get a bath before bed she would be cranky.. So I bathed her early in the evening and she would wake around 1 am. So we went back to a later bath..she nurses a little before bath (keeps her calm and she doesn't cry during her bath) bathtime Btwn 7-8 then by the time she nurses again btwn 8-9 she's asleep by 10.. Remember babies have their own since of time and they are all different. Hope this helps.. Johnson bed time bath or go cheaper and buy the parents choice at wal mart just the name is different and it smells awesome..

Naara-Lee - posted on 11/03/2009




My 5 week old has a bath then a bottle every night at about 7:30 and loves it. I just make sure that i preheat the room first so he won't get cold. I find he loves it so much he tires himself right out and sleeps so much better

Terra - posted on 11/03/2009




i think it is the best time to give a bath and try using Bedtime Bath soap and lotion by Johnson. It helps calm and soothe them and gets them ready for bed, it has lavender in it. I love it!


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Natasha - posted on 11/08/2009




I bathe my little man every night with the Johnsons bed time and it seems to calm him down

Trinity - posted on 11/08/2009




I agree with all the other comments. I have a 2 year old and a 7 week old. If i forget to bathe them before bed, they don't sleep well. I feel like bedtime is the BEST time. But using soap every day is bad for their skin...just let her play in the water :)

Emily - posted on 11/08/2009




My little girl is 8 weeks and we usually give her a bath every other day. I have been giving her a bath early (usually around 6-7 at night) because she gets super excited and it takes her a while to settle down for bedtime. My older daughter (10) would zonk right out after a bath, but this one gets all worked up! :)

Kristin - posted on 11/07/2009




You can give your baby a bath any time you want. My daughter spent 3 weeks in the Nicu and we were told to do every 4-5 days. Don't do too often because it can cause dry skin, and don't do to far apart because the milk gets in their little creases and can irritate their skin. I usually do it before a feeding because it wakes her up a lot rather than at night because i want her to sleep.

Kirsten - posted on 11/05/2009




We give our 8 week old daughter a bath every night. The only thing I would add to other comments is that our ped. recommended only using soap 2 times a week. Other than that, wiping her down with a washcloth in plain water is sufficient. Using soap often can irritate baby's skin. Also, girls are prone to yeast infections, caused by sitting in bubble baths.

Kelly - posted on 11/05/2009




I would highly recommend it. I started this routine with my older son (now 21 months) at a couple of weeks of age. Because he cluster fed in the evenings I would give him a feed followed by a bath and mini massage (with Johnson's bedtime lotion) and another feed. Ater only a couple of days he started settling easier and sleeping for longer periods. It worked so well that when my second son was born I started the same routine in hospital and have never had a problem getting him down at night.

Samantha - posted on 11/03/2009




Yeah give her a bath! I have a 3 year old and a 7 week old and since they were both born ive bathed them before bed. It gets them into a good routine knowing its night time and time to sleep! Plus they really like the warm soak...

Sally - posted on 11/03/2009




Of course, my hospital recommended a bath before feeding and bed time. It really helps calm them down.

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