Lunch/Dinner idea's.. & cow's milk?

Kirsty - posted on 11/12/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




Have recently been told by little one's peadiatrician that he is to start having a high calorie diet. He was born at only 4lb 5oz and has always been on the tiny side even though he has been a big eater, weighs only 17lbs now at 13 months. Myself and his daddy are both on the small side (I am only 4ft11) so he was never going to be a huge baby anyway.
Was just wondering if any of you have any ideas other than the extra butter/cream/milk in the food? He loves his breakfast and I can add extra milk and cream into that every day but struggling for inventive idea's for lunch and dinner, especially since he has decided to become a picky eater lately.
Also, how many of you have switched to full fat cow's milk and when do you give it to them? LO will only have a bottle at night now and is adament he doesn't want to use a cup STILL.


Tiffany - posted on 11/17/2010




I am also very small which in return makes a small baby, 14 months and only weighing maybe 20 lbs I don't worry even when the doctors are, I am 20 years old only weighing 100 lbs she is on track to be my size.


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Brandi - posted on 11/30/2010




Try avacado... My lo loves them and they are high in fat but healthy for them at the same time. Try the gerber pasta meals. LO also loves those. IF you can also try waffles for breakfast( no butter or syrup here) and offer him milk. A friend of mine has a son with CF and he is small for his age her DR told her to give him a bottle of milk mixed with the carnation instant breakfast to help boost his calorie intake... Worth a shot... Hope you find something that works for you.

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What about feeding your child chicken skin? I know not everyone eats it, but it is definitely high in fats. Also, eggnog is coming out for the holidays, and my son is LOVING that. Not that he is on a high calorie diet, but we are trying to provide him with high fat products. We also do avocado, when he eats it. If I think of anything else, I'll repost.

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I havent heard about the high calorie thing. well probably because my son is 30 lbs! at 14 1/2 months. so he's a pretty big baby. not fat but stocky. anyways. I started him on the whole milk a couple weeks ago. he loved it. I give him about 2 servings a day. ( I'm cautious because his dad is lactose intolerant and so is he grandma) but he uses a sippy cup he doesn't even know wat a bottle is. I did that on purpose early because I was having another baby. anyways. he eats everything and anything that I offer him. we don't have much money so I ususally give him oatmeal in the morning. with some baby food fruits and vegis and for lunch he has a tv dinner. I know that sounds bad but they are pretty good for him and for dinner he usually has watever I cooked for dinner..hope you find wats right for your baby.

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My daughter is on whole milk, she drinks when she wakes up, at lunch and before bed- though usually she barely drinks before bed.
My daughter is tiny also, she was 16lbs 9 oz last week. We have tried to give her foods that are healthy, but still high in fat/calories like avocado. We also give her whole wheat pasta tossed in some olive oil. We were giving her 24 oz of milk a day, but that ended up being too much liquid for her and was causing soft stools and major diaper rash so we had to cut back.

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My daughter did not want to use a sippy either, but she loved to drink whatever mommy and daddy had out of a straw. If you can teach him how to use a straw he might go for a straw sippy, she LOVES hers. It is the only kind she will use, but it got rid of the bottle and she drinks about 40oz a day with it...

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If you're not using a formula, and your child can tolerate whole milk that is what you should be using. Their brains need the fats in cows milk for development.

My middle boys are on high calorie diets too. I do things like letting them drink as much whole milk as possible. Feed them cheese and eggs along with other snacks. Our biggest hit is using chicken broth or stock in recipes that call for water. I make rice with broth, pasta and potatos. I make my own stock from chicken and my own veggie broth too so I don't have to worry about msg.

America's test kitchen has a great set of recipes for healthy meals in their Family Cookbook. I love it. That's my go to book when I cook for the family.

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