Mom's who let or have let their babies CIO


Amanda - posted on 07/03/2010




i have problems with my son crying for no reason, just because he thinks he will be picked up. he is 9 months old now and he is becoming too spoiled for me. i am currently pregnant with twins that are due in december, and im not going to be having a spoiled child that thinks every single time he crys i will stop everything and pick him up. babies need to learn to self soothe sometimes, if there is a major problem or he is crying like hes being killed, i will help him and console him but if hes crying for attention or crying because he is upset over a toy or something, i let him sit in his crib and cry it out. he dont take very long before he stops.

Christine - posted on 07/03/2010




I did CIO method for just two weeks. That's all it took for my son to learn to self soothe, and to know when he us put in his crib it's bedtime. I think if people are just disregarding their children and not realizing they actually want something, that's when cio is bad, and not effective. Now is an age where my son is grasping certain things. He knows that I love him, but if I tell him "no", or not to do something and He continues to do it, I lightly tap his hand, give him a stern look, and repeat no. He immediately stops, and moves onto a toy. I feel like it's all in how you present it to your child. So many people have used, and still use cio. At one point that was the most up to date, "best" way to handle situations

Andrea - posted on 07/03/2010




I don't let them cry it out. Baby don't just cry to cry there's all ways a reason. You can't spoil someone with love an attention. You spoil them with pointless material things. Baby can't talk to communicate with you so they scream and cry. You as there parent are suppose to figure out what their cry means. Their trying to tell you something.

If your trying to get your little one to sleep and there not hungry, wet, maybe they need you to rock them to sleep, some baby's need a comfort to fall a sleep a bottle, pacifer, my daughter has to have her music thing that project imagine on the ceiling if I dont turn it on she will cry as soon as I walk out the door, maybe they over sleepy and cant get comfortable, maybe there not as tired as you though, maybe they just want mom to lay with to fall a sleep. There is times I just get her up for 10 or 15 mins let her play and try again but I don't just let her cry it out. If my daughter crys for whatever reason Im there figure out what wrong and have to comfort her. That is my 9 year old dont beat me to her lol.

Rebecca - posted on 07/01/2010




i completely agree!!!! there is nothing with CIO.... my son is geting into his spoiled period and will scream just because he can. I go in an soothe him ever few minutes then lay him back down... sometiems it goes on for 30 min. and yes he does cry... he is fine, and he still oves me..... so whatever, i will continue to let him CIO until he can sleep himself! dont judge , every situation is diferent... and yes, my parents and grandparents all did the CIO method and we're sucessful and happy in life... no PTSD, that is BS!


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Andrea - posted on 07/06/2010




I have found with four kids that when there baby's say a firm NO when they touch something they are not suppose to works just as well as tapping their little hand. I'm judging anyone that does this to each her own I'm just stating what I know. As far tapping their hand spanking their butt's I don't feel that it has anything to do with Crying It Out. Besides they might cry when you do this stuff.

Oh and she got THUMPS for circle of moms guideline's she not taking about actually THUMPING your kid. Each letter in the word THUMPS stands or something.

Natasha - posted on 07/05/2010




Im not at all impressed with the article, I have to be honest. I think your baby will grow into the individual they are because of what you teach them, and how you deal with everyday situations yourself, not because they were having a fit one day, and you let them cry for a little while. Now don't get me wrong this is not an everyday event, or becuase I don't want to deal with him, that indeed would be wrong. I love my son(s) and spending time with them, but when they get overtired, and have to cry for 10 minutes to fall asleep, then so be it. As for tapping (and from tapping I have no idea how you get the word thumping, that sounds brutal) I really don't think a "baby" needs it, take them away from whatever they are doing that you would usually do this, and bring them over to their toys and play with them. I've seen a mother of a 6 month old, tell her daughter "if you do that again you're going to time out" which would be in her I dont know what you think about that, but I personally think it's rediculous....Im with August above me though, with my 5 year old, he's gotten a couple swats on his behind, usually just to get his attension so he is actually paying attension to when I am trying to explain to him what could result if he kept doing whatever he is doing at that point in time.

Michelle - posted on 07/05/2010




I absolutely refuse to allow my son to CIO. Me an my fiance are strongly agaisnt it an wont allow it at all!

Marie - posted on 07/05/2010




It's interesting. I live in a small apartment and our LO's crib is in our bedroom. It's too hard to let him CIO because we are both sleeping, so I usually am the one to get up and give him a bottle and/or rock him back to sleep in the living room. Then I put him back to bed. After he got sick with the chicken pox, his sleeping habits changed and it's gotten a lot harder to handle waking up two to three times a night. Especially since I work 9 hour work days. I wish I had a better solution than crying it out. I am just not totally comfortable with it. Our LO isn't a crier, he almost never cries. So when he does cry at night, I think he just wants some reassurance from me (he doesn't want daddy - we've tried!) It's just so hard on me throughout the day and I never get to catch up on sleep. I love him and will do whatever it takes, but it's getting hard to do. It's almost like he's an infant again - sleep for 3 hours, then up, then 3 hours again, and up. and so on.

Teresa - posted on 07/05/2010




So here is what my pediatrician said...again..we are all from different cultures so we shouldn't insult, or judge other people for what works with their children.

My son is 10 months old and he doesn't want him crying no longer than 30 minutes. That being son really doesn't have an issue with crying. He has a set bedtime and pretty much a set schedule. My son has recently started waking during the night again (his dr said all babies do) and that they need to learn to go to sleep on their own. I don't run to him when he complains or pretty much can tell a difference in his "something is seriously wrong cry" and his "I just am going to fuss" cry. :) Good luck with what ever method you decide to choose.

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