My baby is teething and eating too much!

Alyssa - posted on 01/11/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




He is only 3 and a half months, he has been eating 8 ounces for a month now, and seems to be wanting more, I dont know what to do! He also keeps chewing on anything he can get ahold of .. toes fingers fists my fingers anything withing mouths reach. I rub his gums and he stops crying so I believe he is teething some. What do I do?????????? Please help!


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Angela - posted on 01/14/2010




I agree with Krystal, Hyland's teething tabs are awesome and if you mix them with camillia they work even better. Both of these products can be found at your local Walmart.

KRYSTAL - posted on 01/14/2010




i am in the same boat, i just went to out 4 month check up and dr said to go ahead with rice cereal and 1st foods, the teething part try hyland's teething tablets, they are natural and work for me, you can get them anywhere i get them at albertson's or Fred meyer, i also use oragel with it when it gets bad, you can also ask about tylenol if it does not work

Hilarry - posted on 01/14/2010




I feel you about the teething my daughter is doign the same thing! I asked the doctor if there was a better way/recomened somethign for them to teeth one and he said any teether toy but to watch teh orajel on their gums, it can harden the tissue making it more difficult for the tooth to emerge! He told me to try teething drops (found them at walgreen, has pooh on the front). Also wal-mart has these teethers that look like pacifers and my baby loves them! I put one in teh freezer in case she hurts too bad! I can't help about the formula thing min's eating about 3 oz or so every feeding plus some stage 1 baby food 2 times a day! Good luck!

Sarah - posted on 01/14/2010




i'm going through same thing n he was sleeping all night now he not keeps waking up n wont settle unless give him a feed i'm just starting 2 start him on rice cereal n just give him teething rings n he has a soft toy that he chews alot sorry not much help i'm told not much can do just rings n gels or panadol good luck

Carrie - posted on 01/11/2010




My oldest was gaining weight like crazy when he was about that age. I didn't want to not give him enough food, nor did I want to allow him to get 'too' big. I ended up introducing him to solids early because of this. They have less calories than the formula. I introduced him to cereal first, then began mixing a little bit of baby food with the cereal. I'd give him some cereal then top it off with a smaller than usual bottle. He was getting enough calories for his age and he was more satisfied after feedings. As far as teething, he's going to keep gnawing =] I would recommend some baby orajel and a teething ring. They have some that you can put in the freezer to make them cold and soothe babies gums if the orajel isn't working for them. Good luck!

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