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Tiffany - posted on 01/04/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Are you guys still having regular nap times? My daughter will go to sleep ok for my parents or at daycare but not for me, she just throws a fit and when I leave her long enough she will find something to do and have "quiet time" but its not often she falls asleep for me.
Since we moved last week I think that the new place is some of it, but she wasnt much better before we moved.

So Im just wondering if its about time to give up or keep trying and she will go to sleep???


Karen - posted on 01/06/2012




Hi Tiffany! My son still has a regular nap and BOY does he need it!!! He sleeps from 11:30 - 1:30pm everyday. If we're out and about and he doesn't get it he's a bear by 3pm and in bed for the night by 5:30ish instead of his normal 7pm.
I'd say if your daughter does find mood wise and doesn't act tired by the end of a non-napping day with you then I wouldn't fight the issue. Take the quiet time and run. However, if she's tired/cranky by the end of those days then I would keep pushing for the nap.

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