Non-stop crying!!!

Haidee - posted on 12/21/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi everybody,

I thought I'd share my experience with you all. My baby was born on the 3rd of Sept. He was permanently crying, from the morning until the evening! I did not know what to do. A friend of mine, told me about a Chiropractor who specialises with colic babies. At that stage I was soooo desperate for help, so I called the doctor and made an appointment. The Chiropractor worked on my baby for 10 minutes......that was the last time he cried like that! I promise, he has NEVER EVER screamed and cried like he had before!!! When I went home from the doctor, my baby would lie on his back and chat for long periods of time.

He had a vertebrae in the neck that was out and a huge spasm in his back. I had a normal delivery, but he weighed 8.9 pounds and his shoulders was stuck, so with all the pulling and battle to get him out, his neck and back suffered a bit. I had to take him to the Chiropractor 4 times within three weeks and he was there again for a check-up one month later. The doctor is very happy and said that his neck and back is 100% fine now.

I wish they had told me about this when my baby was born, I could have had so many more happy days.

So if your little one is permamently difficult, I think it is worth having them checked by a Chiropractor!!!


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Jodi - posted on 12/23/2009




Couldnt agree more, took my little one and we havent looked back. I would recommend taking bub to a chiro even if your not having problems as the birth can cause all sorts of sublaxations in the spine which can effect the nervous system and how it works.


Sanri - posted on 12/23/2009




My friend had the same experience with her baby and it worked wonders for his colic as well.

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