OMG i feel horrible! i can not stop crying

Amy - posted on 11/07/2010 ( 16 moms have responded )




my daughter was standing in the big part of the shopping cart and a group of teenagers went running by and i did not have ahold of the cart because i was bent over getting something off the bottom of the shelf and my daughter got knoked over! the cart tipped and she went crashing to the ground! i of coarse thew down the glass jar of apple sauce i was holding and picked her up. she landed on her back and her head hit the hard conrete floor. the kids had the gall to laugh about it!!!! i was so angry because my baby girl was hurt and i could not get her to stop crying. they just stood there wispering and giggling. i was so pissed i picked up a jar of apple sauce and thew it at them. i know me going off on them didnt helpmy daughter any and believe me it made me feel like "white trash" yelling in the middle of walmart but i let my anger get the best of me. i know i should have had ahold of the cart and she shouldnt have been in the big part but for soem reason today i let her. and she will for sure never ride in there again. has this or anythinglike this ever happened to any of you? how did you react. i cried more then she did.


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Cassandra - posted on 05/10/2013




Well me and by daughters father live together, and he has a tendency to leave the iron connected and on the floor, or the table after he's done ironing. Well I always yell at him for this because our daughter was a year old and grabs anything interesting looking. One day he was ironing on the floor in the living room and I was sitting watching tv and I knew he was ironing so I was keeping an eye on my daughter, but for one minute I focused on the tv and all I hear is crying, and I knew, I just knew she had burnt herself. I was so angry at my bf, especially since I warned him right before. My daughter burnt 3 of her fingers and got blisters. I felt guilty because she was in pain, and couldn't do anything with that little hand, until it healed completely. Now, she knows better than to even get close to an iron, hot or not..

Jessi - posted on 11/27/2010




I'm sorry it happened and I probably would have done the same thing. But this won't be the first time this happens. Baby getting hurt anyway.

When my oldest was 3, she was runnning around in the grocery store, slipped and I could hear her head hit the floor. it was terrible, but she was fine.

I think those teenagers standing there laughing and whispering was just tacky and terrible. I wonder why they were doing that. Some probably felt bad and the other stupid kids that were laughing were truly STUPID. What you did was fine, and just remember things like this will happen over and over. My incident in the grocery wasn't the first or last time my daughter got a doozy of a boo-boo. Just one more example. I went to pick up my oldest from daycare and I walked in and she had blood all down her shirt. She's a clutz, so I asked what she did this time, thinking she tripped and fell and cut her lip. NOPE. she tripped and fell on a bookshelf and hit her nose. BUT no broken nose (after a trip to the ER), just very badly bruised and swollen. I was FREAKED, and her main caregiver (she has worked about 4 years in a daycare center) said that was the most blood she had ever seen come from a child before.

Sophie - posted on 11/23/2010




I was playing with my little one on my bed a while back and when i turned my back for two seconds, boom he was on the floor crying. I felt so sick and i cried for ages :(

Sharlene - posted on 11/20/2010




My son was sitting in his boppy on the kitchen floor waiting for me to get ready to go to grandmas. I took the metal lid off my empty travel mug and it slipped out of my hands and hit him right in the mouth. It split his lip open and he had a little bit of blood. Mommy and son cried together. Then mommy cried again later when grandma said he couldn't eat. I know these things happen but I still felt horrible (still do). But I always think, "if this is the worst that happens to him, then he will be just fine". BTW - those teenagers would have gotten more than a jar thrown at them if that was me. Don't beat yourself up. Accidents happen.

Jess - posted on 11/20/2010




My head would have been spinning off into the next dimension had that happened to my daughter !!! I guess the only positive is, if your daughter had been strapped in she may have been hurt worse by being stuck in the seat belt. The teenagers are 100% at fault for this not you.

I would have demanded the store manager and the police be there and insist that their parents were informed ! Imagine if your little one had been walking around on the floor she would have been trampled by those stupid teens !!

Amy - posted on 11/19/2010




haha so true ladies. im suprised i didnt get more carried away then what i did. my mom was freaking out more then me and shes 17 hours away! lol she was on the phone on speaker phone with my daughter and she was holding the phone while i was shoping and all she heard was Brooke crying and me yelling prfanity alot and stuff crashing to the floor lol. i that all of us mammas have a little trashy side when it comes to people messing with our children! lol

Nikki - posted on 11/18/2010




Aww you poor thing, what horrible kids, I would have done more than throw apple sauce at them, but then I would probably have ended up with an assault charge. That's just so awful, what the hell is wrong with kids these days, I can't imagine how upset you must have been. Hope you and your little girl are feeling better now. P.S I think all mother's have a little white trash within ourselves when it comes to someone putting our children in danger. Never in my life have I hit someone, but you better believe you try and hurt my daughter and I would give you a show good enough to star on Jerry Springer!! lol

Meaghan - posted on 11/18/2010




This is NOT your fault as it is impossible to hold, carry, watch etc your child every second of every day. I also believe that you had the right to vent your frustration at those kids.....they are young and dumb, and maybe one day, some younger kids will do they same to their children. They will feel your pain one day.....

Jenette - posted on 11/18/2010




I had my son in a shopping cart (sitting in the right part and strapped in) when my daughter jumped on to the side and the whole thing tipped over with them as well. Luckily they fell into some clothes, but they still hit their heads. I felt horrible and I felt like everyone was looking at me like I was a bad mom. But accidents happen and so do owies. You just have to console your child/children and try to learn from your mistakes. I bet your child will not remember this but you always will. Just give yourself a break. But if you are like me, I usually have a hand on the cart! :)

Sandra - posted on 11/10/2010




believe me if some group of kids did dat to my lil girl i would of kick dem round da place especially if day laughed at it dats terribal urpoor lil girl

Amy - posted on 11/08/2010




THANKS LADIES!!! she seems to be doing fine. i kept a very close eye on her and only slept for a couple minutes at a time. and i didnt even plan it that way my body just kept making me wake up lol. she is back to her normal self again. she doesnt have a bump or buise on her head so that is good but i know it is a little tender. when we got done eating dinner she laid on the couch with her new baby doll in 1 hand and her other arm around her dog. hes a full grown boxer and any time she gets hurt or cries he jumps on the couch and cuddles with her lol.

Aicha - posted on 11/08/2010




my daughter was inside our apartment my older son opened the sliding glass door and went outside and by the time I turned around from the stove to tell him to close the door my daughter had already ran out the door she fell and skinned her nose on the concert patio

Amanda - posted on 11/07/2010




I would have done more than throw something at them! idk wat I would have done. but they wouldn't have been laughing after that. they would have been crying for their mom's.. ugh. that makes me so mad. anyways. don't beat yourself up there is no harm in that. carts don't just fall over. you usually wouldn't b holding the cart for dear life. it's not your fault. don't beat yourself up. you should have beat those kids lol

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Those are the things that we all experience. They are also the reason there are warnings on stuff...but we all let things go at times. You'll be better for it next time.

Keep a close eye on your daughter tonight and don't beat yourself up over it too much. Truthfully, those teens are more at fault than you.

Sarah - posted on 11/07/2010




what a horrible moment! your right, all you can do is learn from it. I would definately cry the whole time and still be crying too. I have done some little dum things too, and wonder why i did it, luckily it wasnt too too bad, but still learned from it.

Heather - posted on 11/07/2010




About a month ago, my son (born 9-18-09) dropped a can of corn on his big toe. I was cooking dinner and he grabbed a can or corn out of the cupboard, I saw him grab it and didn't think it could do him any harm so I let him play with it. A couple minutes later I heard a scream. His toenail was immediatly purple and he screamed and cride for HOURS. He couldn't sleep that night it was hurting him so bad and eventually his toenail fell off. I felt so horribile and I cried right along with him all night long. Accidents happen. Don't beat yourself up, you learned from your mistake. & I probably would have thrown something at those teenagers too! Teenagers are so mean!

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