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when should u start buying shoes 4 ur little 1s my son will be 1 on september 17 2010?


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Heather - posted on 09/12/2010




Something that I learned the hard way is that you should get your child used to wearing shoes before they start walking because it might be hard to get them to wear them if they aren't used to them. My son wore them every once in a while before he started walking, but now he obviously has to wear them every day. It took weeks to get him to stop curling his toes when I put the shoes on him. Super frustrating lol

Samantha - posted on 09/12/2010




i started buying shoes for my girl before she was born i guess its a girl thing, they didnt have the hard soles but bought some of those not to long ago because shes been walking for a few months now. I dont like to put shoes on her in the house but def do before we leave

Joy - posted on 09/10/2010




It is recommended that babies be bare foot when learning to walk and /or soft soled shoes. Hard soles when they are going to be walking places that potentially could hurt their feet (ie; gravel, dirt etc;)

Jessica - posted on 09/09/2010




my twins have more shoes than myself and my partner put together lol. i have been told that for the first month the baby should wear no shoes as it is better for his feet to adjust to the ground when he first starts but after that only soft soled shoes as the hard soles could damage his feet. my sister ignored this advice and now has a 4 yr old with feet problems as his feet turn in when he walks.

Nikkole - posted on 09/08/2010




my lil girl has shoe since she was born. she will be one sept 24. we have are little girl is hard sole. she isnt walk yet but she tries. if your son has never worn shoes before he may not like them

Toni - posted on 09/08/2010




My daughter has alot of shoes as well, butmostly wears them when we go out. She walks along furniture, and I never bother getting them use to shoes until they are walking really well. I try to put them on and she usually takes them off anyways.
So a soft pair for now would be good. Then walking shoes when walking good.

Emma - posted on 09/06/2010




My son was also born on the 17th, he started walking at 10 months, but still crawls an awful lot, i took him to get measured and fitted for shoes this week and was advised not to get shoes with hard soles until he has almost stopped crawling altogether as he is still learning and needs to fell the floor with his feet and let his feet spread. They told me it was ok to use the crawling cruising shoes, which have very thin flexible rubber soles and toes, which i have been doing since he started walking.

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My son was also born on the 17th and honestly, he doesn't wear shoes :) he isn't walking on his own yet and when he's outside he just crawls...kinda pointless wearing shoes for that? Knee pads, now that would be one thing ;) jk... I put him in some hard soled shoes 2 mos ago and he had a COW! I couldn't even get them on after the 2nd time I tried! Unfortunately the weather is going to work against my no shoe lifestyle here soon :) so I will also be in the market for getting him in something that he'll leave on his feet :)

Betty - posted on 09/05/2010




My little girl has also had shoes since before she was born. Some from presents and some I bought later.

I started putting her in shoes after 6 months, just soft soles ones. And have recently bought her 3 pairs of hard sole shoes to prepare her for walking. Including a very very expensive pair of pure lamb leather mary janes which costed a small fortune of $100. Because the pure lamb leather will be soft on her skin so it won't scratch her feet (that's what I was told).

Hehe, I even bought her these sqeaker shoes that makes noises as she walks. She doesn't fit into them yet. But once she's walking on her own she's gonna love the squeaker.

Apprently is good to get them used to wearing shoes as they will be wearing them alot once they learn how to walk.

I only get the buckle ones that has velcro because knowing my daughter, she'll be forever playing with the laces if they had laces on them. LoL.

She already pulls at her shoes all the time when she's sitting down and I'm forever looking for a missing shoe somewhere. Under the car seat, somewhere under the high chair, table or rolling away on the floor. haha. There will be more of that to come in the future I'm sure.

Amanda - posted on 09/04/2010




my son has more shoes then myself, my fiance and my fiances daughter! haha i packed away 11 pairs of shoes before summer! hes got 2 pairs of hard sole shoes and hes got 2 pairs of soft sole that fit him right now and hes has 4 pairs hes waiting to grow into! thats ALOT of shoes in his first year! BUT hes been wearing them from day one and he turns 1 in 3 days and hes already wearing a size 5!!

Jess - posted on 09/04/2010




I have a confession to make... Ava has had multiple pairs of both hard and soft sole shoes since before she was born. In fact she has almost 10 pairs including Nike and Everlast shoe's. Ava can't even walk yet ! Oh how I love shoes !!! I think my favourite are her Mary Janes, I think she will wear those ones today !

People told us not to crazy and to never buy name brands, but I can't help myself. Ava prefers the expensive ones, they seem to stay on her feet a lot longer than the cheaper ones we have. I need shoe rehab !

Brandi - posted on 09/04/2010




My daughter will be one on the 17th and I have been putting shoes on her since day one... I started off with the crib shoes then when summer hit she just wore light airy shoes and now with fall and her learning to walk I went and got her some hard sole walking shoes.... You can put shoes on them I guess when ever you are ready to... She is always trying to untie them, but I really think they are helping with the standing and trying to walk

Noreen - posted on 09/04/2010




I bought Abby a pair of soft sole shoes from stride rite 2 months ago. They are for crawlers going into walking. I was told by her ped that its better for them to learn how to walk bare foot but to use soft sole shoes when you have to.

Amanda - posted on 09/03/2010




my sons has both. i find the hard sole ones are good for their ankles and offer more support. i dont think theres ever really a RIGHT time to start with them. just whenever you think they are ready :) its funny at first.. Parker HATED them and walked funny! he was 7 months the first time i put hard soles on him and he was always tripping over his feet! now hes running like a pro in them tho! (he wore soft soles all summer though since we were outside alot.. only wore hard soles when walking through the malls and what not)

Amber - posted on 09/03/2010




My daughter wears shoes everyday because she walks. The best shoes are soft soles, leather usually because they are the closet to being bare foot and it feels the most natural to \them.

Amanda - posted on 09/02/2010




yours sons never worn shoes? or do you mean the ones with the good soles? my son started walking at 8.5 months (hell be a year next week) so when he started walking i got him a good pair of "walking shoes" hes got 2 pair. but one i find alot heavier and you can tell when hes walking he hates them. so i got him a lighter pair.. 11$ at walmart and he walks like a pro! they are high on the ankle to support him and make sure he feet stay pointing out when he walks. he looks all grown up in bog boy shoes tho :(

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