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Sippy Cup

Crystal - posted on 01/31/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hello, my son was born on Sept 6th 2009 and he still takes a sippy cup with milk at nap and bedtime. Our doctor has stated that we should break him of this habit within the next couple of months. I have no problem doing this but was wondering if anyone had any tips to help do this with sucess?


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Jennifer - posted on 02/06/2011




Is it the sippy cup or the milk before sleeping that the Dr thinks should be broken?
A straw cup is supposed to be better then a sippy cup for development and at this age a toddler is more then capable of using one. So if it's the sippy then I suggest just trying switching to that.
If it's the milk before sleep then I suggest picking one time to cut it our to start with (I'd say nap). The most likely thing is the milk sippy is a soothing part of the routine. So try replacing it with something else soothing. A lovey, a story, a song, etc. Try filling the sippy with water instead. And do not give in! I promise if you give in even once you're done for! :-)
My oldest was a preemie and needed milk at bedtime for a long time. When he was around two (maybe 18ms) we changed it to milk and dry cereal at the table just before PJ's and bed. And we too still do a milk cup (straw cup) before bed with our 16m old, not to concerened about stopping. :-)

Angela - posted on 02/04/2011




why do you have to break him from using a sippy cup? they don't have the fine motor skills yet to successfully use a regular cup all the time, my daughter only drinks from sippy cups now and i babysit two 3 year old girls who use sippy cups about 75% of the time. of course i don't believe they should use them forever, but until they have reliable motor skills and balance, i'll be using sippy cups.

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