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Louisa - posted on 12/23/2009 ( 12 moms have responded )




Hey Everyone My daughter is 3 and a half months and she wont sleep through the night does anyone have any suggestions to help her sleep through what did you all try


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Gail - posted on 12/31/2009




My son is 3 and a half months old and has started sleeping through the night about 2 weeks ago. We got him into the routin of bath pj sleeping bag bottle and then putting him to bed. I know it wont last to long as when they start teething they can wake in the night again but may not. When your daughter is ready she will sleep through. My 5 year still gets up in the night and gets into bed with me lol x

Tracy - posted on 12/28/2009




I have a 3 month old, I breast feed, so I pump a bottle in the morning and feed it to her in the evening then bf feed her till she falls asleep. Usually she'll sleep 5-8hrs each night.

Rachel - posted on 12/28/2009




My son is the same age 3 and a half months and does not sleep through the night either... he usually wakes twice.. once between 11 and 2 and the next time between 4 and 6... ive tried cereal as well that did not change anything so i stopped using it in his bottle.. my pediatrician said that cereal is for teaching to eat solids from a spoon and not to put in the bottle... once he slept from 8 or so to 5 am but that was about a week ago and hasnt since :) dont fret im sure we will miss these days of waking with our babies one day!

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Quoting Laura:

My daughter just started when she was ready - it can take a year for some babies.

Thats true Laura, all babies are different and people tend to not think that way.

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Hi louisa

I did exactly as Angela did, only that I started that at 2weeks, my baby now sleeps through since, 2.5months, having his last feed at 9 and waking up at 5, I even notice that he has slept till 6 the last two nights.
Keeping in mind that I didn't change anything, they say it helps alot if you bath and massage them then feed and put them to bed.
I also noticed that my baby would not really wake up at night just wiggle a bit and if I give him his dummy he would go back to sleep, thats how it all started and he slept through.
I have als had people telling me to give a littlep porridge in his last bottel feed at night, you might have to use a teat with a bigger whole, if there tummy is more full they'lle sleep a little longer.

Good luck, I know how it feels, once they start sleeping through you forget how it is to get up at 2 in the night.

First time mommy, Sonja

Jennifer - posted on 12/27/2009




Try putting two teaspoons of rice cereal in a four ounce bottle of formula and feed it to her after bath time.This has helped my son sleep through the night.

Elizabeth - posted on 12/27/2009




Make sure she gets enough food during the day and don't feed her in the middle of the night.. if you do, she will quickly get used to it and will wake up. Instead, if she wakes, give her a pacifier or pat her back without picking her up and after a few days she should sleep right through. Also, don't let her nap more than 2 hours at a time during the day. Good luck!

Haley Marley - posted on 12/26/2009




Here's a tip frm my gf. Try give some Gripe Water. That will do the trick. Good luck!!

Laura - posted on 12/26/2009




My daughter just started when she was ready - it can take a year for some babies.

Bethanie - posted on 12/25/2009




A little bit a cereal in her bottle also helps them sleep thru the night because they stay fuller longer and don't wake up because they are hungry

Angela - posted on 12/23/2009




At this age, it helps a lot to get a solid bed time routine going at the latest time pissible. For my son I use a bath, massage, feeding then I rock him for a little while as I sing a song or read a story. I let him get drowsy, then lay him in his crib (drowsy but not asleep) After a couple of weeks or so of doing your chosen routine with your little girl, she'll know that the routine means goodnight and should be relaxed and full enough to sleep all night...I hope this helps!!!

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