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My bayb is tongue-tied and I was wondering if anyone else has had that problem and what your doctor said about it.


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Jenni - posted on 02/09/2010




As a Speech-Language Pathologist, kiddos can talk with a tongue-tie if it is a mild one. If it is more than mild, they may have difficulty producing certain sounds correctly. When this happens sometimes the errored sounds can be corrected with speech therapy and other times clipping is necessary to enable the child adequate tongue movement. A severe tongue-tie will cause feeding problems. As a mom, you need to do what you feel is best for baby after you have the facts. Good luck.

And to Angela about your son talking and then not. Don't be too worried as little ones have so much learning to do that when they have a growth spurt in one area (speaking or walking/movement) the other area flat-lines or declines for a short bit while the kiddo is working out everything new that they are figuring out.

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My son is now 2 years old and is tongue tied. He also is not talking. I don't think they are related as he did talk, but then quit when he started walking. Anyway his pediatrician recommended not getting it clipped as it's not that big of a deal. Then his dentist told me I needed to get it done right away and was really rude when I told him no. Needless to say we are at another dentist who recomendeda against it as well. I breastfed and he had no problems.
Follow your insticts as a mother. Whatever you decide to do, he'll be fine.

Kirsten - posted on 02/09/2010




Our son Cooper also had a tongue tie which prevented him from feeding. It was tied right at the front of the tongue so I guess that is what they call a severe case. We had it snipped at 6 days old. The advice we received said that it could cause speech impediments and less significant things such as trouble licking an ice cream and kissing later in life. The procedure was very quick and apparently there are very few nerve endings and blood vessels there. He cried which, although heart breaking, stopped as soon as he had something to suck on and there was very little blood. He fed straight after and there have been no negative side effects since. I would get it checked by a pediatric surgeon that performs the procedure to determine the severity and the possible implications. I have heard that mild cases do not have dramatic side effects. Best of luck.

Jessica - posted on 02/05/2010




In the hospital we were told that our son was slightly tongue tied. We have since asked our pediatrician and he says not to do anything unless it causes issues in the future. So far it hasn't caused any issues. You can see an ear, nose and throat Dr.

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My doctor told me that as long as he was nursing well(not choking) and his tongue came over his gum line he would be fine. He said we would keep an eye on him and at about 2 if he was having a problem we would look at it again. He didn't want me to get it clipped saying that it could cause just as much problems with the scar tissue.

Kellie - posted on 02/05/2010




My nephew is slightly tongue-tied...he's now 17 months. He didn't have it cut because the pediatrician told them it wouldn't be an issue. It may just be a coincidence but he is not speaking yet. He's soooo bright and there's totally nothing wrong with him but he has been seeing a speech therapist lately just to see if she can pull something out of him. He's sure he'll be fine but he's getting to an age that he should be saying something. At the moment he just points and says "uh". So we'll see. Does your baby's seem to be severe or mild?

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