What is everyone's little ones up to??

Noreen - posted on 07/06/2011 ( 12 moms have responded )




How have your babies personalities developed?? What are some milestone they have achieved? I LOVE hearing about what other babies are doing. :)


Tanith - posted on 07/07/2011




My little man is a typical boy. Independant explorer, loud, boisterous, very strong willed, energetic, bit of a show off, but boy is he a soft-soap. He will smooch and put his nose on mine and close his eyes half way and put his hands on my cheeks and make this deep sighing sound. He's SUCH a mommy's boy. Daddy's not allowed to hug or kiss me, he pushes his away and tells him to "move" and "get out".

He has a crazy obsession with helicopters and airplanes. Which made it easy to choose his 2nd birthday party theme.

He has always had a good vocab, his first words were at 9 months, increasing to 13 words at 11 months, over 200 words at 18 months, today he can string 9 words together to form a sentance, such as "Mommy swing but girlie bite, girle naughty, stop it", yet he can't really count on his own and can only say ABCD. Not to sure why if he can say a 9 word sentance. Well put it this way, he's counted to 20 if he repeats after me and he can say the alphabet if he repeats after me.
I've lost count many months ago as to how many words he's said. He can basically say any word said....yes like yours Noreen...including "shit". Hahaha.

Well he can differentiate between objects. Like he'll know which is a shoe, sneeker or boot, moon or star (in the sky), pants and shorts, shirt and jacket, beenie and cap etc.

He's named a few colours correctly such as red, yellow, blue and green.

Milestones? I didn't know they had at this age...umm...I dont know, he's a normal 21 month old I guess. He draws hahaha....loves drawing....especially on my duvet and carpets.

He doesn't really play with toys, he's an outside type of child. You'll find him in a sand pile digging holes....I have puzzles, building blocks etc but he's really not interested. Give him a ball and he'll throw it further than what you can, give him a stick and he'll pretend he's Darth Vader.
So if you had to ask me if he can piece together puzzles, I'll say "no", because he's never attempted.

Noreen - posted on 07/07/2011




Abby is a energetic spirited toddler. She can be found at any moment terrorizing our poor cat, messing up her brothers' room, running in circles, or completely relaxed on he couch with a book. She thinks she is older and bigger then what she is and gets very frustrated if she can't open the refrigerator or climb to the top bunk on one of her brothers beds. Abby loves shoes, sunglasses, dresses, baby dolls, cars, trains, and playing in dirt. Oh, and she LOVES LOVES LOVES swimming!

Recent Milestones?

She JUST started coloring.
Attempts to pull up and down her pants.
Puts her sandles on her own feet, but not always the right the foot. (Ha! I even can't get the right foot sometimes when I put her shoes on!)
Repeats just about EVERY word I say (including "shit" when I dropped a jar of pickles and shattered glass in the kitchen the other day. YIKES)
Goes Potty several times a day (not really new, but she tells me now!)

Our Goals for the next 2 months-
GET HER OUT OF OUR BED and into her own bed! I LOVE having her snuggle in bed with me every night all night, but seriously, she turns into a star fish at night and mine or my husbands ribs can't take another nightly beating anymore. Haha!!


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Samantha - posted on 07/20/2011




Alexa is a perfect mixture between tomboy and princess. She has been walking since 8 months old, she is a very physical little girl. she is always trying to keep up with her brothers playing soccer, climbing up and down the play set and trying to ride their bikes and skateboards and she loves to dance. She loves to dress herself, always wants to put makeup on and is Obsessed with shoes lol. She hasn't been a big talker, she has started talking a lot more in the last couple weeks. I am a little concerned about it but her dr said we will see how she is talking at her two year appt. She is starting to show interest in potty training so I think we will be starting that soon.

Kristie - posted on 07/19/2011




My Megan is super independent yet still need to need my attention and approval on eveything. She has a wide range of words that she uses everyday and seems to be adding more daily. She has some health problems that put her behind in gross motor skills but is now pretty much starting to catch up. She colors and knows her primary colors. Megan LOVES babies and anything to do with them. She loves dances.

Caren - posted on 07/18/2011




Keegan is very active, and super smart, he has a crazy vocabulary, well over 200 words so far, repeats everything I say..lol, he climbs, jumps and has absolutly no fear!! he's potty training and doing very well, hope he'll be done before his birthday!! He loves to give cuddles and kisses, he also loves to hit and bite!! ouch!, he can name almost every body part, and gets himself dressed and undressed, very independant little boy, so much fun, his smile brightens my day!

Val - posted on 07/14/2011




Erin has been talking a lot and dancing - not just the booty shake either lol. She walks up and down stairs holding onto the wall, but she also has the attitude of her 7 yr old sister and uses the word No a lot, whether she means no or yes lol. She knows when she has a dirty diaper and thinks it's funny when she farts. She rides the dog like a horse and the puppy loves it. We have a Chesapeake Bay Retriever/Boxer mix who is almost a year old and weighs about 72 lbs now. She's so good with the girls, we couldn't have asked for a better puppy. Back to Erin, she's also in the biting stage and doesn't want to nap or go to sleep at night either. She can name off her body parts - eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, head, tongue, fingers, toes (piggies), teeth. Erin also likes to push buttons - not only mine and her daddies, but the buttons on remotes, tv's, phones, etc. All n all she's a bundle of joy who loves to cuddle when it's nap time.

Lydia - posted on 07/13/2011




Dakota has grown up so much the past year. He can count 1-14, say Abc's A-E (so far), spell out loud his first name, name body parts (basic antatomy) and more. Very smart and a bundle of joy! He isn't shy at all! He will talk to anybody and says sentences. His vocabulary is really good and his Dr is really amazed at it. At 18months he got glasses because he is far-sighted. I could tell by the way he acted and the Dr. checked him out and it was his eyes. He is alot like the little kid (Ray) off Jerry Magurie looks and personality. He does go in the potty and almost was there completely but had to take a few steps back. So he is wearing mostly pull ups and goes often still but not pushing it. The Gastro Dr wants me to wait till he gets thru these tummy issues first. The bed thing...I am confused on what to do??? He has a big crib that he never tries to climb out of ...so I don't know when to go to the toddler bed??? If any ideas..please let me know. He doesn't sleep with us all night but has for a few hours if sick or a thunderstorm...so don't know what he'd do if I go to the todder bed yet. He doesn't watch alot of TV maybe 1 hour a day...once in a while 2 at the max. We go swimming, play, go to parks, etc. I try to keep him active and outside some. Naps- usually 2-3 hours (mostly just 2hrs) a day.

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My little one is talking a whole lot more. Her vocabulary has increased tremendously. An attitude has come on as well as biting again.

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Tatum is an absolute ball of energy! how i miss being that active. Tatum's vocabulary has improved quite well in the last 2 weeks. she's said about 8 new words in 2 weeks so mommy and daddy are very proud of her. Tatum definitely is strong willed and knows what she wants! The one thing i must say i'm proud of is that she loves spending time outdoors running around and getting dirty. My one goal is to lower her amount of time in front of the tv. she doesnt watch too much tv but at times it can be a bit too much. i try keep it to an hour in the morning when she wakes up and then in the afternoon for about an hour.

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My son is a typical boy running circles around the house, yelling, growling, and getting in to trouble my husband has nicknamed him Crash. He also has a sweet side he loves to snuggle his momma when he is sleepy he sits next to me and wraps his arms and legs around my arm like he is a little monkey. He is so cute.

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Ashleigh is an independant, strong willed, opinionated bossy little madam, with a sweet caring side who loves a cudlle and is always getting into scrapes (honestly she's worse than a boy)
She loves climbing and jumping off everything that she shouldn't, stealing her brothers cars and trains and well as her dolls and prams.
She can be a real girly girl and has an obsession with shoes, bags and hair clips, but also has a tom boy streak in her.
Her favourite colour is pink and she loves ballerinas and fairies.
I have also been told that she wants a butterfly cake for her birthday.
She, like her brother, is on the go from the minute she wakes up til the minute she goes to bed.

She is starting to toilet train herself and we took our first trip to the shops at the weekend in big girl undies.
She has been in a big girl bed for about a month.
She can recite her abc's and can count to 12.
She loves singing and knows all the words to most of the songs we sing together.

We are trying to work on her colours, she's pretty hopeless at the moment but she's getting there.

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