What to give a picky eater?

Lisa - posted on 04/19/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




My 19 month old is an eater, it's just that it's ALWAYS the same thing. She mostly refuses to try anything new. I've tried forcing her to eat little tiny bites just so she actually tastes it before swearing it off, but it's not working and it scares me that she might choke + all she does is cry which makes me feel like a sh!tty mom. It's really frustrating me because I want her to get more nutritionally rounded meals then what she's getting right now.

This is what she eats:

Piece of toast with butter or waffle or french toast
Some fruit
Yogurt (but is starting to tire of this)
A handful of dry cereal like Oatmeal Squares

1 baked breaded spinach nugget
1 baked breaded chicken nugget (sometimes)
15 little pieces of tofu that's baked with some flavoring
1 cheese stick
some fruit
yogurt (maybe)

Pretty much the same as lunch, but sometimes I give her sweet potato or butternut squash as an alternate for something else.

She doesn't like all the things I thought kids liked or has stopped eating them: scrambled eggs with cheese, melted cheese sandwich with hummus, pizza, quesadilla, pancakes, PB&J sandwich, almost any kind of pasta with every kind of sauce.

What else is there? My doctor said to just give her what you're eating and she'll eventually eat it. I can't stomach this because I feel bad when she doesn't get to eat because she likes to. But is it like crying it out for getting your child to sleep? Do they just have to be hungry a few days before they finally will attach themselves to foods you put in front of them? Should I just suck it up and give her everything she likes and stop introducing new things? Force her to try new things? It just starts getting annoying and expensive and wasteful because she won't eat it.

Anyone figured out a good way to get your child to eat new things, without forcing, to make mealtime a pleasurable experience for the both of us?


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Lisa - posted on 04/26/2011




Thanks everyone. I like all the ideas. I'm going to mix it up and see what sticks and try not too worry as much!

Inna - posted on 04/24/2011




I agree with Noreen. As long as you offer the unknown food to her together with what she likes at every meal sitting, eventually she'll try it.
@Jess, great idea about asking to kiss it - my son also has a thing about kissing objects (he's 19 months) so maybe I'll try it next time :)

Noreen - posted on 04/22/2011




Children usually outgrow their pickness like this at age 2. You just have to keep offering her the undiserable food on the same plate as the disered food. For instance, if you want her to eat greenbeans, but she has never had it before, you just put it on her plate along with her breaded spinach and nuggets. Eventually she will feel comfortable enough to try it. It's a survival instint for them to not try new foods or things they have never seen. Honestly, you offer a well balanced diet so you shouldn't worry too much. :)

Jess - posted on 04/22/2011




My daughter started to get really picky, but I saw a technique on tv. 3 child physiologist's were using it, basically they offer a child a food they either don't normal eat, or something they haven't ever tried. And then show them the food they want, the child is then asked to do simple things with the food like touch, hold, kiss it, lick it and then finally putting it into their mouth. When the child comply's they get to eat the food they know and want.

I tried this with my daughter, I went straight to kissing the food because my daughter has a thing about kissing objects *its very wierd* anyway, It worked a treat ! She kisses the food and then promptly eats it !!! She ate a whole plate of food, kissing every single bite. I was so proud !!!!

Jackie - posted on 04/21/2011




Is she using utensils yet? My son started to lose interest in yogurt too, but now I just put a little on the spoon and hold it out in front of him. He'll grab it and eventually it will make his way into his mouth, and he much prefers that to being fed. Be prepared for a mess, of course!

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