What types of finger foods are your babies eating?

Christina - posted on 04/17/2010 ( 11 moms have responded )




My daughter was born 9-18-09, and so far I've just given her baby food. I have two older children, and always waited until they were a little older to start with the puffs, crackers, cherrios,etc, but I seem to be finding a lot of moms on here who have already started with the finger foods. I'm just so worried about choking! What are your babies eating?


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Nicole - posted on 04/20/2010




No finger foods yet, I don't think she is ready plus I'm letting my pediatr guide me with her. So far she hasn't steered me wrong

Angela - posted on 04/20/2010




This is my fourth baby, and go figure, I am lingering on the cereal, jarred fruits and vege. I am a little bit nervous giving him anything yet....plus, we have a pedi. that would flip out!! haha....go figure, when I was younger and my other boys were little, I started them earlier, now that I am an "old" mom, I am more by the book....go figure.

Lee Ann - posted on 04/19/2010




my son eats the puffs, freeze dried yogurt bites, and the crunchies. they dissolve very well...my son only has four teeth and does very well with them. he LOVES them. of course i worry about him choking too, but so far, so good.

Marie - posted on 04/19/2010




My 7 month old will eat anything! he has 3-4 6 oz bottles a day + porridge for breaky or fruit with rice, toast cut into small soldiers (loves it) cooked apple or pear into slices he just picks them up and eats them, slices of melon, strawberries sliced, veggies now mashed rather then pureed with fish or meat, oh and yogurts are in the day too, we just cant stop him as soon as we have something he cries if we dont give him something, he is a solid baby tho!!!

Carrie - posted on 04/19/2010




one of the biggest things I have found with kids is each child is different on when they want to start eating, take cues from your baby... if he intently watches you as you eat then he wants to start eating. I have twins born in september but they are my third and fourth kids. my oldest never touched baby food really and went from formula all the way until a year straight to big kids food like cheerios but my two year old liked food so much we just mashed up whatever we ate and fed him that from the time he could sit. now the twins the boy eats baby jars yes plural at a time but I cant get my girl to eat anything and the dr says thats ok they start to eat whenever they are ready! just when they start on foods watch them to make sure they dont choke. stick with things like cheerios or the baby puffs cause they dissolve easier

Amy - posted on 04/19/2010




I feel the same way about feeding my 7 mo. old finger foods. Saltine crackers ( unsalted of course) seem to work the best because before they even touch her mouth they get soft because of the drool, haha Im going to try the puffs next.

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My son was born on 9-17 and is eating all baby pureed foods and has had a few apple wheels. i just sit with him while eats them to make sure he does not choke. Iev given him a diluted apple juice in a sippy cup also. He seems to be getting the hang of that really well.

Heather - posted on 04/19/2010




My son was born the same day as your daughter :) My son LOOOOVES puffs! I buy the parent's choice brand at Wal-Mart, he likes them just as much as the Gerber brand...I have also tried the Gerber graduates biter biscuits. I'm not completely comfortable with those yet, because my son once bit quite a large piece off. He didn't choke on it, I took it out of his mouth as soon as I saw him break it off. He usually just sucks on them at first & they get really mushy & he loves eating them. He feels like a big boy :)

Jodi - posted on 04/19/2010




My son born 9.25.09 eat Baby Mum-Mums. They are big rice rusks that dissolve easily and he loves them!

Brandi - posted on 04/17/2010




My daughter is 9-17-09 and I give her the Gerber finger foods for crawlers...They dissolve easy and she loves them. I had/have the same fear of chocking so I just sit with her while she eats... So far so good.

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