What you're feeding your little ones! Introduced finger foods yet?!!

Mary - posted on 05/04/2010 ( 15 moms have responded )




As of now I feed my daughter (born sept 24, 2009) 2 baby food feedings a day (lunch and dinner) along with about 32 ounces of formula/breast milk. I was wondering if anyone is feeding their kiddos 3 baby food feedings a day. If ya'll are doing breakfast what do you feed them? Also Have you allowed your kids to try finger food yet? I want to give something to her that she can start learning to feed herself. My girl has been eating the puffs. She has her two bottom teeth but I'm so scared she's going to choke on more solid foods! Any suggestions for breakfast foods and finger foods? She's a big baby so the dr said no rice cereal.


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Melissa - posted on 05/19/2010




My daughter is 8 months tomorrow and she loves finger foods. I have made mini Apple Muesli muffins and she eats little teddy biscuits and has LOVED bread since about 5 months old. She wasn't very interested in baby food til about 3-4 weeks ago, but would eat bread all day if she was allowed!! I try and give her finger food as snacks during the day and she has breakfast and lunch/dinner, with a bottle afterwards.

Shareese - posted on 05/15/2010




There is a breakfast baby food ....ugh...I can't remember what it's called but it's organic and they offer breakfast such as apple banana and others...I usually just heat and add apple juice to oatmeal cereal for his breakfast...he loves it

Amanda - posted on 05/13/2010




Parker gets 3 meals a day and 24ozs during the day. He still gets up for a 330 feeding. We can't seem to break that. He likes Baby mum mum's and fruit cut in the mesh holder

Jennifer - posted on 05/13/2010




I give Alana yogurt for breakfast. Its good for her belly. Alanas a big girl too. 22 pounds @ 7 1/2 months.

Ashley - posted on 05/13/2010




Hi, my daughter (born Sept. 13) eats a jar of food for breakfast, then 2 for lunch and 2 for dinner. She also gets an 8 oz bottle a little while after her jar meal. I have been giving her the puffs and just got the yogurt melts. I'm not sure about the finger foods yet, I guess it would depend on the child. If we're having chicken for dinner and she wants a piece I break off a small piece and give it to her and she's fine. But I don't think she's ready for it all the time. You know your child better then anyone else. I would start with crackers and go from there

Sarah - posted on 05/12/2010




we've tried: farley biscuits (its a cereal cookie), toast, baby mum mums (cookies), bananas, soft cooked peas (really good for finger control), cooked apple peices, mashed potatoes, rice...basically anything we are eating that is ok for him to try he tries. He loves finger foods. and still loves his baby food too! usually he'll try what we;re having at dinner, the rest of the day, he has baby food.

Bridget - posted on 05/12/2010




My daughter eats 3 meals a day, plus 2 snacks. She has no teeth yet, but she is doing so well with finger food. She can chew food as if she had teeth. She eats soft fruit, noodles, veggies, puffs, cheerios etc. I just sit with her the whole time and make sure she has small pieces.

Catherine - posted on 05/12/2010




My son was born on 09/06. He eats breakfast (oatmeal & fruit) and a 6 oz bottle. I give him the baby cracker (which he feeds himself). I also give him the melting yogurt snacks but I have to break them up. I also have to feed them to him. He cant quite get those in his mouth b/c they are small.

Kierstin - posted on 05/12/2010




Hi my daughter, Karma, was born on 29 sep 09. I have been feeding her 3 baby food meals a day a a snack between lunch and dinner. Usually I feed Karma breakfast which is usually a little bit of baby oatmeal mixed with a 4 oz jar of fruit and give her a sippy cup of water. Then a few hours later she gets a 6 o bottle and then takes a nap to get lunch. Lunch is a jar of vegetables (4oz) and a sippy cup. Then the bottle, nap. She wakes up and then gets dinner. Dinner is a half jar of some type of meat/vegetable or fruit mixture and then a half jar of dessert. plus the sippy cup of water Then she gets a snack when she wakes up from another nap (which is some type of finger food or a piece of banana in one of those mesh self-feeders) and then gets her night-time bottle before bed time. She sleeps another 9-12 hours and then the cyle goes again. I have been feeding her 2nd foods but am going to start 3rd foods here shortly because she has her two bottom teeth and chews her food.

Laura - posted on 05/12/2010




My daughter was born Sept 7 and eats 2 meals a day usually. I nurse and then will give her solids about an hour later. For breakfast I prefer fruits because she gets very constipated with cereal.

We are trying table food but she thinks it's something to play with instead of eat. On the other hand, my niece, who was born on Aug 28 eats table food and never took to baby food.

Julienne - posted on 05/12/2010




My daughter is 2 weeks older.. she eats 3 meals/day and has just dropped a breastfeed and a nap to make 3 feeds/day. I am feeding finger foods as well as puree, but the finger foods just for practice and learning. She eats fingers of bread, pieces of cheese, pears are good as she can mash it up quite well, a piece of mandarin (in season here) but i bite off the top so she can suck out if she needs to. She's really going quite well.

It's so cute when she bites down to her palm the food and then can't quite work out how to get the bit "stuck" inside. Afte maybe 2 weeks shes getting crafty and opening and trying to grab it again. Oh and she can suck the inners out of a prune and mash it with her gums..

Soccermich00 - posted on 05/04/2010




My son was born the exact day as your daughter. I feed him 3 baby food feedings a day with a nurse feeding (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) and then I give him one last nurse feeding around 7:30/8pm before he goes to bed. For breakfast I have fed him: bananas, applesauce, peaches, pears (all purred with rice cereal). I haven't started giving him finger foods yet, but I was thinking about starting soon. My son has two bottom teeth as well. Good luck.

Jessi - posted on 05/04/2010




My son was born the same day as your baby. At daycare I think my son eats twice and then at home he eats supper too. He probably gets 28 oz of formula a day. I think my daycare lady feeds him baby cereal in the morning and then cereal and baby food for lunchtime. I should probably ask her and stay the same at home.

Maybe for breakfast finger foods, you could give her scrambled eggs. I don't remember if that's ok yet at this age. I wouldn't worry about it all too much. She's only 7 months old. Their main way of getting nutrition is through formula until they are a year old. The rest is just practice. Maybe i should be reading up on a baby at this age, it seems other moms are challenging their babies more than I am.

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Hi Mary,
My son was born Sept 20th, I'm still nursing him on demand and always before I feed him any food. For breakfast I feed him avocado's or apples. He is also very fond of barley cereal and I always add as much breast milk as possible when I make his meals. He eats only twice a day, his second meal is around 4pm or so and today he had peas and carrots again mixed with some breast milk. I puree everything but give some small chunks of banana or avocado to feed himself. I feel pretty strongly about making all of his food so I haven't introduced any puffs or similar food items but from what I understand they dissolve really fast so hopefully you won't ever have any choking scares! I'm taking my cues from him, if he lets me know he's hungrier I'll give him more food but for now I'm just sticking with 2 meals a day and nursing whenever he wants.
Good luck!

Jessica - posted on 05/04/2010




Hi, my twins were born 18 sept 09 and i feed them 3 meals a day. i was giving them rice cereal but my girl didnt like it she would spit it all out so now i give them fruity muesli you just add water and thicken it up. i also give them biscuits to chew on or suck on. my girl has her two bottom teeth also and she does sometimes choke on big bits she bites off but shes good at getting it back up. my mum says thats how they learn to chew. i also give them rusks which they LOVE and if we're having a barbecue i give thm sausages. :)

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