When do you plan on introducing the potty?

Danielle - posted on 06/03/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




I was just wondering what other mothers thought about potty training. I am thinking about starting early (as soon as she can walk) mostly just to familiarize her with the potty. I know she probably won't be fully trained for awhile but I think early introduction will make the transition easier. What are you thoughts and experiences? Is it too early to start potty training? This is my first child so I am just going by things I have read.


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Kyla - posted on 06/07/2010




I started my two older kids shortly after there second birthday. If you start potty training before they are really ready it can cause regression problems when they are really able to control there bladder and bowels. I do know that children dont have full sphincter control till they are around 26 months.

Noreen - posted on 06/07/2010




I already introduced the potty to Abby (9/23) a few weeks ago and she goes everytime I take her within a few seconds. It is never too early to introduce the potty. There are several mommies who ec their babies. (Elimination Communication)

Ashley - posted on 06/07/2010




I plan on starting once my son begins to walk. My mom potty trained my brothers and I once we started walking. Everytime she had to go to the bathroom she took us with her and sat us down on our potties. Said worked like a charm and that's what I plan on doing. She said even with my brothers she had them sit and then once they actually started to go she had them stand!

Kendra - posted on 06/06/2010




Physiologically, children cannot control their bladder muscles or understand them until 18 months. "Potty training" before that is really EC (elimination communication) and it is training the parent to know when the child needs to go and taking them. That said, we put our potty seat out around 21-22 months and our daughter potty trained in 3 days ultimately by herself at 25 months. I let her go around naked from te waist down and she figured it out.. she was ready. She was used to the potty and what was involved because we are an open bathroom door unless guests are here house... she always saw us use the toilet and flush and she asked questions which we answered. I think it is best to wait until they are nearing readiness to train, then put it out and let them investigate it, etc.

Valerie - posted on 06/04/2010




I agree, I don't want to feel pushy but I want her to be familiar with it. I have heard to start when they can keep dry through the night. When she turned 8 months we sat her on the potty one morning being she woke up dry and she went number 1 &2. We did praise her but we aren't strict on setting hourly time yet. Just a coincidence!

Cinys - posted on 06/04/2010




My mom told me to just get her usto the idea. Have her sit on it, play with her while she is on it for 10 minutes or so.
Dont be pushy, but be supportive. I dont think that is a bad idea...

Danielle - posted on 06/04/2010




Thank you so much that makes me feel better. I don't want to be a pushy mom.

Brittiny - posted on 06/03/2010




I started both my girls at about 18 months. Just like you said, get that potty chair out and let her get used to it being around.. ours sat in my girls bedroom for awhile before we started to use it for pottying, and then moved into the bathroom. Initially, I would have them sit on it with pants on when they inevitably walked in on me going to the bathroom. To get them to actually use it to pee on was a bit trickier.. the best time I found at first was right after a bath. During the day, a every 2 or 3 hour schedule to try worked great for my oldest and a reward (sticker chart) when she went. When she was consistently making it to the potty with a dry diaper, we switched from diapers to pull-ups and then made a big deal about going to buy panties. Grace was potty trained in just a few weeks. Not so much luck with my other daughter, as we have been going through this for over a year now! Every child is different and try not to get frustrated or have too many expectations. Also, be aware that being potty trained during the day and still wetting at night is okay, it sometimes takes longer to stay dry through the night. Best of luck!

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