Wind/Colic Problems still at 9 and a half months

Lynette - posted on 06/20/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




I desperately need advice from all the other mums out there- my daughter will be 10 months old in a few weeks and I am still having wind /colic troubles with her. I always try and burp her thoroughly before bed but she will scream in agony until she has the smallest of burps up and then go to sleep. She was a very colicky baby from birth but i thought this was meant to end at 4 months? Sometimes I do think she is just crying to get me to go in and pick her up so i leave her and she eventually goes to sleep but will only wake up in half an hour/fourty minutes crying and do a big burp. I am a BF mum and have tried cutting out dairy gluten and spicy foods from my diet for months but nothing seems to be working as the problem is still ongoing. could this be a sign she has allergies?? HELP!!


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Michelle - posted on 06/21/2010




We had the same promblem with our son. We took him to Childrens Hospital in DC an after extensive test, they told us he has acid reflux, and gerd. Immediately they changed his diet an formula and put him on Zantac an Milk Of magnesia. We changed his formula to similac allimentum. We also give him gas drops as well. When he is contipated our peditrician reccomended taking some vaseline on a q tip an inserting it into his rectum only the tip. After a few minutues he has a bowel movement an is releived. Make sure you burp your baby after EVERY feeding, an 20 minutes after being feed that your child is sitting up to help digest the food better. It's a long process but it works wonders for us. Hope this helps!

Betty - posted on 06/21/2010




Get Gripe Water. My daughter was colicy since birth but has since grown out of it at about 6 months. You can get Alcohol free version which is the one I used to use. Contains natural plant oil only. Just give the required amount before the feed that she has the problem with. My daughter was always before bed so I only gave her one dose before her last feed of the day.

I totally know how is like, my daughter was the same will scream and scream and scream till every tiny bit of air is out.

There are a lot of Colic remedies available at your local pharmacy. Not sure what you have available to you locally but just go look for a non medicated version.

Amanda - posted on 06/20/2010




Both my children were coliccy, my son till about 8 months. I used infants friend which seemed to work better than infacol.

I also found that with my son broccolli made him worse not the usual spicy or dairy foods

Lynette - posted on 06/20/2010




I do give her infacol(it is a product here in aust that contains smithicone) to help bring up wind- sometimes it works wonders- other times not at all. We have taken her to numerous doctors but they all just keep saying keep doing what your doing- but they dont understand just how frustrating this is for me and my husband!!

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