due in september 2010

for mums to be who are due in september 2010 to share their experiences so far. you can a first time mum to be or expecting your 2nd or 3rd baby. you are all welcome.


any one tying ther tubes afer labor?

im kind of scared to tie my tubes but i think its for the best... I have a high risk of pre term labor so thats why im thinking to do it.. this baby will be my 3rd . my first...


braxton hicks

i have been getting really bad pains in my stomach for 3 days on and off through the day , i am 34 weeks pregnant with my first and don't know what its like to be pregnant...


Types of music makes me sick....

Normaly is smells, or types of food that bring the queezy.... But I have noticed that when I listen to certian types of music I get just as sick. Any one else have this too??