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Kristin - posted on 02/13/2011 ( 11 moms have responded )




what gender do you think is easier to raise?

when you first found out you were pregnant, what did you think you were having, a boy or girl?
what did you end up having?


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Jessica - posted on 06/22/2011




I have boy/girl twins. After getting over the shock that I was having twins, my gut told me it was a boy and girl and was SO happy to be right on that one. In regards to who is "easier" - at 11 months, the girl is easier only because she is less fussier and doesn't always need to be held and she sleeps through the night - always has. The boy likes to cuddle all the time, wakes up through the night and cries when he doesn't get what he wants. He also like to pull down or knock his sister over. Hopefully, he gets over that :) I agree it depends on personalities, but for now the girl is easier. I am sure that will change as babies are full of surprises!

Katrina - posted on 02/25/2011




i thought that i was having a girl and she ended up being a girl and i think a girl would be easier cuz there has been mostly girls in the family

Susan - posted on 02/25/2011




i have had 4 children! girl, boy, boy and girl and i have to say the boys are easier! i knew what i was having b4 it was confirmed on all of them i just knew in my gut and also the boys made me so sick i couldn't eat hardly anything and i never once got sick with the girls!

Coady - posted on 02/23/2011




Girls when they are younger, boys when they get teens. Obviously there are exceptions.

Anyway, I wanted a little boy more than anything cuz I already have a girly girly girl, and I was always such a tomboy. But I KNEW the whole time that my lo was gonna be a girl. Maybe next time. =) I love her so much.

Morgan - posted on 02/22/2011




I have 3 year old twin boys and a 7 month old girl. For the twins, I thought boys and they were. For my girl, I knew from the second I found out I was pregnant. I just knew it was a girl. For now, my boys are much more challenging. Even as babies they were fussier and harder to manage, although that could be because there were two of them! My daughter is much more relaxed and easy going. I think it depends more on personality than gender. Some kids are going to be high strung and some will be mellow. Kind of the luck of the draw. :)

Shaina - posted on 02/18/2011




I've got 2 of each so far and I guessed right on all 4. I've found that its less about gender and more about how their personalities work with mine. I butt heads most with my second son because he is exactly like me. Then again, all of mine are young. Time will tell.

Marsha - posted on 02/17/2011




when i was pregnant i was sure i was having a boy but i had a girl :D
I think girls and boys can be equally difficult to raise at certain times in their lives... girls can be very easy when they are young. easy to entertain.. while boys need to go go go
when girls get older and hit puberty they become far more difficult whereas boys tend to be calmer at that age and less moody.. I watch "the mom show" and thats what their study showed anyways... n i agree from when my brother and i grew up

Bondlets - posted on 02/13/2011




I always think I'm having a boy, lol. I've only been right 3 times. This last time I really wanted a girl and was shocked when my "she" came out a "he"! But I wouldn't change it for anything, of course.

As for harder or easier...I don't think gender has as much to do with it as personality. I have a girl who is as much work as a boy and a boy who is as much work as a girl. Both can be overly emotional, rambunctious, dare devils or fraidy-cats. My girls potty-trained much easier than my boys so that was one thing that made girls easier. I never noticed a difference in sleep patterns based on gender or any other patterns for that matter. Boys are easier to keep clothed because for the most part they only want/need 3 outfits - 2 for play, 1 for church/nice. The girls enjoy having more variety.

Anna - posted on 02/13/2011




I was right with both my daughter and my son but it was also what I wanted deep down so I don't know if I just got lucky then lol. With my son I did an at home gender test and it told me boy as well (although I would never use that to go buy anything or anything like that). My son is only 7 months old however so far my daughter has been the easier one. My daughter has slept through the night since she was born and is still a very easy child. My son is still up every two hours at night and he wants to be held 100% of the time lol. We'll see what happens when they get a bit older as both will present challenges thats for sure.

Natasha - posted on 02/13/2011




i think boys in a way too as i remember me as a younge girl but then again boys also have there hard parts i think later then the girls do i was hard from like 16-18 no my brother has been hard from 18-now almost 20. But girls you got sex pregnancy etc to worry about.
I thought i was goingf to have a boy EVERYONE said girl and i was happy with a boy but cant wait till next one and hoping for a girl...
i would rather all boys then all girls but

Kristin - posted on 02/13/2011




i would have to say that i think boys are easier to raise. i'm only guessing this because i know that me and my sister were both little hellians growing up and my brother was a peach ! lol

when i first found out i was pregnant, i envisioned a girl. i don't know why. i just thought it would be a girl. my mom and sister thought so too. my husband was always convinced it would be a boy.
the day i found out we were having a little boy i was kind of taken back and surprised. i was so sure it was a girl.
my little boy is the greatest and can not even imagine having a girl now

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