What does everyone think about Cord Blood?

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Just wanted to know if anyone was planning on saving there babys cord blood. And anyones veiws on cord blood banking in general.


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Hi Erin, I will not be banking my child's. If you let the baby get all that good blood then their iron level is really good. If you cut it before the cord has stopped pulsing then the baby doesn't get that good blood with all that iron. By giving it all to the baby, you can not bank it since there is nothing left. Most cases you can't use your own cord blood anyway b/c of the genetics I think only that one cancer that starts with an L... lol I can't spell it. Anyway my baby getting that Iron up front is more important to me than the small possiblity that they may need the blood later. FYI if you want the docs to wait till it stops pulsing make sure your birth partner watches them.... they will do it early so they get paid by the cord banks for your cord....


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Jamie - posted on 08/24/2011




I think private cord blood donation is an excellent option if your family has a history of genetic disorders, cancers, or an illness where a blood transplant would be useful.

We didn't have that issue though, so we decided to donate with our first child. We figured there was no sense in wasting something that could potentially save someones life.

We got some pretty good info from this site about the whole process (we really liked it b/c it was unbiased):


Anyway, best of luck to you!!!

Kerry - posted on 04/11/2010




I never even knew you could do that, its wasn't an option i was offerd when in labour with my daughter, i've never even discussed it with anyone. i don't see why there should be any negativity towards it, it would all depend on your views, as the childs parents.

Lauren - posted on 04/07/2010




I wish I could, but it is way too expensive for us. I wish there was a cheaper option....we don't even have a donation facility anywhere near us so that is out of the question too. We hope that we can do it with our next child though because I think it would be very beneficial to have at least one child's cord blood banked.

Katie - posted on 04/07/2010




Hi everyone, I wanted to give you all an update on this topic. I finally got a chance to talk to my Cord Blood Banking guy, I got to ask a lot of questions and I got great answers for all my concerns. I AM banking her cord blood AND tissue. I asked him about the articles I had seen that debated whether or not cord blood banking was worth it, in which they stated that theres a huge chance you wont even be able to use the blood for your own kid, thats its mostly for a second child, that there is a better possibility of finding a match in a public bank. His answers blew me away. First off Tony says that info is wrong. He says its outdated. In the beginning yes, the research itself was still being developed and all the blood being banked WAS being done for a second child, OR there were the 2nd child births whose blood was being done to save the 1st ill child. He said now that the research has evolved the blood is being used for your current baby, additional, you, etc. He said there is MINOR truth to the worry that you wouldnt be able to use the blood for your child. Tony says that the majority of cancers and things develop AFTER the child is born. Its only in the off chance that your child is BORN ill and with problems that there might be the possibility that you couldnt use the stem cells. He said that was rare. He said there are many many specific cases that REQUIRE the use of your babys OWN stem cells. He said its NOT easy to find a donor match in a public bank, on top of the fact that it costs I believe $25k out of your own pocket to get it, you have to FIND it, hope youre not put on a list, and hope you meet the criteria to use it. He said you have to match 6 out of 6 factors to be compatible, and even if you do, there are cases when you have to match up blood type as well, which makes it even harder. When using your babys cord blood you only need to match 3 of 6 factors for compatible use, and have a much smaller chance or having rejection issues than you would using an outside cord blood, IF you could even find it, afford it, and qualify to use it. I dont know about any of you, but I dont know anyone who has $25k laying around. Tony told me that the cord blood is almost always usable for your child, and only rarely not.

He also explained cord blood vs cord tissue banking. He told me there are different cells in the blood vs the tissue. The blood stem cells are specifically for immune issues, while the tissue cells are used for other things, brain injuries, etc. The cord blood cells will automatically go straight to immune issues, cancers, etc, while the tissue cells want to go to other things, non-immune system related. He said the they are still working on developing ways to fine tune where the tissue cells are used. I really cant make this as clear as he did, but I was thrilled with all his answers.

Lastly, he told me that as far as donating is concerned, that they wont even let you donate to a public cord blood bank if the mother has/had any piercings or tattoos. They just wont even take it. He said hopefully this policy will change over time. You can however do the private banking still if you have these things. He also said its not easy to find a hospital that will even allow donating.

ANYWAY, I feel confident that Ive done the right thing for my girl. My kit will be here soon, and Im going to my appt with my new birthing center on Monday the 12th, so Ill be discussing the cord blood and tissue collection with them then. Ill let you know what they say about the blood collecting and the clamping issue. Oh and its NOT that expensive. CBR who Im going through allows payments, that are VERY affordable, with no credit check to qualify for them, and no interest. They also give a VERY nice military discount. I believe they currently have a $500 discount on the tissue collection and 1st year banking as well. Im not sure how long that will last though. Take my word for it, we are military, and live paycheck to paycheck and Tony helped us find a way to pay for this that we can do each month. Its NOT $2000 up front like you think it is, and its only $125-$250 a year AFTER your first year, cause the 1st year storage is included. Anyone who says they cant afford $200 a year for the banking is just lying. We all spend more than that on fast food and junk and we know it. Its worth while to ask some questions and see what you can do for your child.

Don't take my word for it. I dont work for them, Im not an ad for them, Im just a new mom trying to do the right thing for my child and I happened to find a great person at the cord blood banking place to help me out with all my questions and concerns. If any of you would like to find out more detail about this, or want to ask questions, send me a message and Ill give you Tonys number. He can answer everything a lot clearer than I have. Its worth it.

La - posted on 03/31/2010




I'm trying to donate our cord blood to a public bank, but the local collection center is only accepting donations for research use and I really want our donation to be used by a recipient.

Anna - posted on 03/31/2010




we will not be banking our sons cord blood but I will be donating it. I think that the research that can be done with it is tremendous and through the umbilical cord I believe is the best way to get it. (Using embryos is a whole other discussion) It is important to talk to your doctor as other people have pointed out, not every place will do it or can do it. You also have to get the kits yourself whether you choose to donate or bank ahead of time. I didn't start looking into it with my daughter until I was over 30 weeks and it was too late by then. As someone pointed out $150 really isn't that much a year to save it however our issue is with the 1000-2000 up front. A hospital cannot give the cord blood away unless the mother consents either.

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im now thinking about doing public donation but the hospital im going to dosent do it. im considering going to another hospital just so i can donate. your child can use someone elses cord blood and if you dont need that cord blood it is use to help someone else.

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You want to do that make sure the place you choose does tissue banking where they take the tissue of the umbilical cord not just the blood. tissue and blood banking are separate. I'm still looking into to the tissue banking. Please let me know what your midwife and the blood cord guy say...

Katie - posted on 03/30/2010




I plan on doing it, and Im looking in to the cord tissue banking too. I still have a lot of questions though, and Ive been playing phone tag with the guy from the cord blood place I picked out. His schedule and mine are apparently not getting along. I hadnt heard that banking the cord blood meant not allowing your baby to get extra blood from the cord. I was looking forward to delaying the clamping as well. Im going to have to discuss this with my midwives as well. Ive read all the articles on possibly not being able to use it for your own baby, but I just dont know. I think that $150 a year for something that EVEN IF its such a small chance that I ever use it, but COULD have even a 1 in a million chance it saves my babies life, or possibly my second child, is worth it. Heck I spend $150 a year on just junk. Seems worth while to me. Specially the tissue banking, because they say they can use that for much more practical uses, spinal injuries, heart attacks, arthritis, etc. Not just a chance of curing cancer if she were to ever get it. Anyway, Ill ultimately make up my mind after I can get a hold of this guy and get some questions answered.

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