Due July 2011

This is for Mommies who are due sometime in July of 2011! :)


Great cure for morning sickness

I have already been having some morning sickness and I found this recipe and it works amazingly. You might need a little more honey. But it helps!...

Started by Danielle on 11/10/2010 in Due July 2011

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My 7.5 Month old has not slept in her crib.

I have told my boyfriend that it's going to be tough but were going to have to let her cry it out a little bit. I am such a softy, mainly cause she's my first baby. So I tell...

Started by Ashley on 02/21/2012 in Due July 2011

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anyone start to feel the baby moving yet?

ill be 16 weeks on friday and i havent felt a thing. i dont expect to yet since i didnt feel my first untill 19 weeks but i read that with the second you will feel it earlier....

Started by Apps+8278986302 on 01/26/2011 in Due July 2011

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pain in the vagina in last trimester

i am a young upcoming mom first child and am having pains in my lower abdomen and my vagina but my ob told me it was ok cuz i was scared it was a miscarriage cuz i had one two...

Started by Onyka on 02/27/2014 in Due July 2011

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6 weeks an what do you think

im only 6weeks i had my 1st ultasound today an there was two black bubbels inside of a biger bubbel thany do u think it is twins

Started by Laura_may on 12/05/2013 in Due July 2011

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How to wean my 16 month old off breastfeeding?

My son is 16 months old and shows no signs of ever letting go of breastfeeding. It's embarrassing the tantrums he throws if I don't scum to his demand. In public, he'll try and...

Started by Kristen on 11/19/2012 in Due July 2011

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A Great Facebook Page for Us mommies

Ok yall I have a favor to ask I am an Admin on Infant and Toddler Mommies on facebook, they are doing a fun contest just for us. SO I was wondering all my mommies or soon to be...

Started by Julie on 08/28/2012 in Due July 2011

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Youngest child

my youngest son was born july 18 2011

Started by Melissa on 09/06/2012 in Due July 2011

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Sippy Cups

My little guy is going to be 7 months in about 3 days. He is very interested in holding a spoon and trying to help feed himself. I am wondering about putting his formula in a...

Started by Nchole on 02/20/2012 in Due July 2011

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Much Needed Prayer

I ask that you pray for me & my family in our time in bereavement. My youngest son recently passed away this past Saturday...he would have been 4mos today. So I ask that you...

Started by Evana on 11/10/2011 in Due July 2011

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