Help .... I need sleep!

Bec - posted on 10/24/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter is now 3 months old and is still not sleeping for extended periods at night. She feeds like a newborn through the night and wants to have a lot of play time. I'm a single mum and starting to run out of ideas and steam. She wakes up screaming down the house, fights being put back to sleep and will only go to sleep in my arms & being patted on the bum. She is getting worse and worse. I've had her to doctors, nurses, midwives and a paed. All who told me to "deal with it." I'm concerned about restarting controlled crying as I am living in a townhouse with a neighbour either side of me and dont want to get noise complaints. I was doing this when she was first born, but had to stop when my now ex-partner kicked us out and we were staying at my mum's. Any suggestions on what to do? In desperate need of some sleep. Thanks Bec


Terra - posted on 11/03/2011




My daughter is the same age and she also wasn't sleeping long periods during the night unless i was holding her or she is in her swing. Ive tried MANY things and last night she finally slept 9 hours in her crib without waking up once.

My sugestions..which i got off line is to create a bed time routine.. and stick to it. example.. dim your lights (don't have her in a bright room), bath, story, bottle, crib. doesnt have to b exactly this but what ever u chose to make the routine stick to it.

ALSO ive started spending more time with her in her room, i play with her on the floor, i put her play mat in her crib and leave her their to play till she doesn't want to anymore AND i put her in her crib for every nap during the day (when i did this before she would wake up right away.. your baby may not sleep as long as she normally would for a nap if u try this but it will help her get used to being in her bed)

Most Important teach her to self sooth.. My lil one likes to hold my finger when shes falling asleep so now when i put her in her crib (i place her their still some what awake) i put her blanket in her hand i think she feels secure holding onto something she lays their staring at the light from the monitor and within 5-10mins she is asleep. when she starts fussing during the night i go in once i hear her (dont say anything to her) and i give her her soother and place the blanket back in her hand..she falls back to sleep on her own.

try this :) lemme know how it turns out (might take a while before any of it works at all....ive been trying all this for about 2 weeks now and last night was the first night she went to bed on her own and actually stayed asleep for more than 3 hours before i had to move her.

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