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Okay so I'm officially starting to scare people. I'm generally a fan of very bland food I don't even like onions. So it started with the spicy nachos/tacos/hotwings, not too surprising I had a spice kick early on in my first pregnancy but then instead of craving veggies and protein like last time I started craving sweet/salty things. Best I've been able to manage is S&V chips and oranges since chocolate makes me sick. I was notorious last time for my infamous peanutbutter, pickle and cheese sandwiches and close to still moo-ing steak but this time around is getting crazier. The thing that worries me is that at least last time most of what I craved made sense and was healthy this time though I find myself waking up from dreams about deep-fried candy apples, cheesies and baked potato smothered in every form of grease known to man. I assure you all I'm a small woman and would like to be able to be that way after this pregnancy so as I battle my current desire for beer-batter fish & chips with cheesy pickles I am compelled to know is anyone else having insane cravings? Is this a second-pregnancy thing? What's a healthy alternative for salt, cheese, and/or sugary stuff? and for the love of all that is holy has anyone heard of a deep-fried candy apple? I'd make one myself if I could but I'm not very creative.


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Garlic is turning my stomach still even though the nausea has passed which is odd I used to love garlic. I got my beer-batter fish which were delicious btw. A friend of mine suggested Mint stuff to ease nausea it worked a little for me but I also ate my weight in Diclectin and Zantec so its hard to tell what resolved it the most. She also suggested for a sugar-kick getting an assorted fruit tray with cantelope, melon and strawberries havent had a chance to try it yet but ill let you ladies know if it works out.

Amanda - posted on 12/29/2010




With my daughter, I was more chicken and fruits than anything. I couldn't touch spicy foods, and even stopped eating eggplant pamesean because it made me sick (and still does!) to even think about it =(

Now with this one, I can't touch meat! I gag thinking about it, and have been living off of french fries, salads (veggies in general), and spicy food! I think the only meat that I was craving the other day was home made meat balls.

As far as weird cravings go...I craved laundry soap when I was pregnant with DD. =/ Don't ask me. I never ate it, but yeah...weird. With this one, nothing too weird yet.

I don't think I've ever craved the pickles and peanut butter...=/ I was craving bloody marys at the beginning of this pregnancy though. Lol!

Then again, it's still pretty much a struggle for me to eat still...I've started puking again after going weeks without doing it, and so I expect that I'll be down to 170 by my appointment on February 1st. If not a little lower.

Kymberly - posted on 12/29/2010




LOL I've never heard of "deep-fryed candy apples" but I understand how you feel :D Right now this little one is pushing me to the limits with PB M&M's and Mountain Dew! I never eat PB and the thought of Mountain Dew normally turns my stomach....When I was pregnant with my daughter I put hot sauce on EVERYTHING but this time I'm finding that I was salt more than ever. I just try to eat naturally salty foods or stick to a healthier choice like nuts instead of chips :D I'm not dreaming about food yet either but I'm sure its in my future...I've only gained 2 pounds so far with this pregnancy and I'm 18 weeks so I have so "catching" up to do!

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