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Has anyone done any DIY gender utsuch as the bleach or drano tests? I did the drano (but bought the gel instead of the crystals) and it didnt turn any colors... girl? then i did the blch test and came out like sprite... girl? then did the parents gender chinese quiz... girl, then did the parents gender quiz and came out... boy. lol. with my daughter the chinese gender quiz came back girl, but the parents gender quiz came back boy. didnt do either drano or bleach with my daughter... has anyone else tried and what were the results and were they right in the past or present?


Carrie - posted on 01/22/2011




With my first which was a girl.. I tried to look up the chinese gender test, and since I could have conceived right before my birthday or right after my birthday it was inconclusive to tell if it would have been right. But with this new one... I know that I concived before my birthday and it says it will be a girl... I will find out on Monday for sure!! I'll let you know if it was right

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