Preeclampsia and only 34 weeks

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I just had to do a 24 hour urine test and some blood work bc doc thinks I might have preeclampsia. Im only 34 weeks and I have a 18 month old. anyone else ever have this or have it right now? im nervous and scared. Doc said I should know by friday whether I have it or not.


Michelle - posted on 05/31/2011




i just went to the doctor this morning and my bp was a little high and ive had a headace since friday that wont go away and have had some contractions. i am 36 weeks now. she has be doing the 24 hr urince test and blood work this thursday so i will see how it goes and ill go back on monday. i hope my little guy is ok in there. doc said she thinks i might deliver in a week with how everything is looking. while i was there i had her check me and i am 1cm dialted and 50% thinned.

Amanda - posted on 05/06/2011




You know, it could be a good possibility that being anemic is what's causing the pre-eclampsia-like symptoms...what you're experiencing is pretty similar to what I've been having issues with just recently.

Last friday, I was sitting in a salon chair, having curlers put in my hair, when all of a sudden I got extremely dizzy, nauseous, and lost my hearing. The gals gave me a glass of sugar water, and a minute or two later I was feeling a bit better; later that night, I had my mom check my BP, and it was a lot higher than normal.

On Tuesday then I got in for a last minute appointment with my Dr, and my BP, and everything came back normal...since then, I've had a few short spells similar to the one I experienced last Friday.

I seem to recall my Dr.'s nurse telling me that my Iron was low again with this pregnancy, after the results of my glucose test came in. I've just been dealing with it by laying down every time I get that feeling, but maybe try an iron supplement and see if that helps any? (if you're not already taking one...)

Nicky - posted on 05/05/2011




Reading your second post on here, it does sound like you have it. I had it in my first pregnancy, got diagnosed at 35 weeks. The only symptom I had was high blood pressure. When they first found it, I spent 24 hours in the hospital. I then spent 2 weeks on bed rest. They induced me at 37 weeks, so that it would not have a chance to get worse. The scary thing about preeclampsia is that it can get bad real fast if you don't take care of yourself. So make sure you are doing plenty of resting, drinking, and eating some frequent meals. My doc this time around put me on vitamin D right away because studies suggest now that a deficiency can lead to it. After you've had it once, you are at an increased risk to get it in later pregnancies. Good luck!


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Caralie - posted on 05/15/2011




My doctor thought I had preeclampsia too. Turned out to be gestational hypertension. He put me on medicine to lower my blood pressure and everything is good now!

[deleted account]

Thank you. I called the doc bc I couldnt stop worrying. My labs all came back normal, but when I went to walmart n checked my bp it said it was still high. I am still feeling not so good. dizzy, neck and shoulders hurt and lower back and hips, lightheaded and cant breathe. I dont want to call and keep pestering them but I want to make sure my baby and I are ok. They said the urine and all my blood work came back normal. only thing is im anemic, which I already knew. I go back next thursday. Im wondering if I should try to get in before that if I am still not feeling well. I did think about going in today but its already 2 and I dont have a babysitter.

Stephani - posted on 05/05/2011




I have been going through the same thing I am actually in the labor and delivery for monitoring as I type! My labs keep coming back normal but my bp is reflecting preclampsia! I am only 35 wks and have 3 other children at home 9,5,3 so I feel your fear and anxiety! It's very frustrating because the only way to solve the problem is deliver the baby but they will not purposefully deliver unless they REALLY feel there is danger. Just remember that science and medicine has come a LONG way and even though 34 wks is early your baby is viable. Babies are born 24 wks some even less I believe and they go on to live normal lives. I know it's not much just know you are not alone and 34 wks is not too early :) best of luck to you!

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Thanks. I am dying to know. If I was induced in 2 weeks that wouldnt be to bad. Im 35 weeeks on saturday I could handle that. But bed rest for the next 5 weeks... o my goodness. my hips kill to lay down and I cant breath. I want my baby to be safe and Idk if he is safer in then out or out then in. Idk. I just wish they would hurry up and tell me the results. I went to walmart today to get my blood pressure read on their machine bc i felt all frazzled. like I couldnt breath and I was dizzy and idk just didnt feel normal. and It read that it was high. I cant remember the number tho. Im trying to stay busy to not worry but also trying to rest. its hard tho when I got a home to upkeep and a 18 month old. but im trying. I spent the afternoon watching a movie with my sister so hopefully that counts as resting. I also have this horrible ache in my lower back and in my shoulders and neck. I wish they would hurry with their tests. lol. I feel like this isnt a little something and shouldnt they try to do tests fast? its life threatening. I wish they would do a ultrasound so I could see if the little guy is ok.

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They did say it might just b that im not eating enough. I had some swelling in my feet, not to bad though. I also had high blood pressure at my last appointment, on monday. I had some headaches no blurred vision (some goopy stuff in my eyes tho). I also had some dizzy spells, sweating and lightheadedness while not doing anything (sitting). I go back next thursday to get my blood pressure checked (which to me felt far away). But the blood and urine tests they said should be back by friday

Amy - posted on 05/04/2011




MIGHT is operative words. Did they find protein in your urine? When you aren't eating enough protein, your body starts breaking down its own contributing to this. I was told I was at risk for having it so I researched the hey out of it. Took extra vitamin C, ate superb, ate more nuts/eggs/meats - protein. If you aren't swollen, no blurred vision, extreme sudden weight gain, and keep blood pressure in check you could still be in the clear. What are their reasons for saying you have it??

One thing of the above does not necessarily equal preeclampsia. must have swelling/protein in urine AND high blood pressure from what my doctor told me.

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