too much amniotic fluid!

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So...last week they discovered that I'm in the 1-2% of women that have a condition where there is too much amniotic fluid around the baby. They say normal range is 14 and mine is almsot 25...I will have to go for weekly ultrasounds because they like to keep a close eye on the baby. Has anyone else been diagnosed with this?? It's a little scary but I guess its better than having too little fluid and being put on bedrest! :D


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I had that problem with my second child. We didn't know until birth that it was due to a twin that didn't make it early on. But for some reason the fluid continued to develop. I am not sure why my Dr didn't catch the excess fluid before the birth. She ended up with fluid in her lungs, but that was more due to the fact that I didn't labor, I was adviced to have a repeat C Section. She was born 8lbs 6oz, but got down to 7lbs 2oz before we left the hospital. She looked like a wrinkly old man! But all in all, it didn't cause a major problem. Good Luck!

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too much amniotic fluid is usually nothing to worry about beyond that you may go into labor early. Was also told that it happens when your uterus just grows faster [like if it's baby # 2/3/4] due to it knowing what to do.

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"This is when you have too much amniotic fluid. Most of the time experts do not know the cause and in two thirds of cases there is nothing wrong and the problem goes away on its own".

They'll probably monitor just to be safe, but I wouldn't worry too much about it yet. :)

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I just heard of this at my last appointment, did they do an ultrasound to diagnose it? Well she's sending me for one I just figured to check the baby's size because I've put on so much weight all of a sudden (none of it visable surprisingly) and something was mentioned about me going in early as a result of there maybe being too much fluid??? I don't really know what anyone's talking about I just go to the appointments and they tell me what to do from there :) I know better than to google at this point so good luck to you and your wee one!

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i had too much fluid too, but i was not monitored. The baby baby was way too happy to come out, had to be induced. But then i don't know how much more than the average.

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Sorry to hear that.... Never knew anyone to have that. Stay positive could be worse.

Melissa - posted on 04/08/2011




Ugh that sucks I'm sorry. At least you get to see more of your little one. :) I hope everything works out and it is nothing.

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