Baby only sleeps in her swing

Annale - posted on 01/30/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




My little girl from the day we brought her home from the hospital will scream when we lay her down in her crib. But will sleep twelve hours in her swing and takes all her naps in there as well. Not sure how to wean her from her swing into her crib. Lots of family members suggest to just let her cry it out in her crib, but i'm not a hugh fan of this plan. Any one have any ideas?


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Jamora Maria II - posted on 03/01/2012




hi... I have three boys and I don't have hard time letting them sleep from the swing to crib. Just an advice.. before putting the baby to the crib.. make sure you put 2 big pillows together and put the baby at the center. also, see to it.. top of his head is covered.. you can also use pillow to cover his head.. just try! Babies loved to be hug that's why they like the swing..

Nicole - posted on 02/10/2012




I am having the same problem. every now an again i can get him to nap in the pac n play but that is it. it is sad cus i got this beautiful hand made bassinett for a gift an he don't like it.

Tonya - posted on 02/03/2012




My daughter only sleeps in her swing and the only nap she takes (1) is in her swing. Really wish she would take a nap in the affternoons any suggestions?

Karen - posted on 02/01/2012




i did the same as jessica with the matress. my daughter usually naps during the day in her swing but always in her bassinet at night time. i put her to sleep on her side tho, she seems to sleep more soundly then on her back. My mum hates seing my daughter sleep in the swing but as long as she's sleeping i'm happy.

i really wouldn't try the cry it out method this young, i am a big believer in the crything method when they a bit older (more like 9months) we also find sometimes holding our daugher for 10-15mins before we put her down just to make sure she's asleep works sometimes.

Good luck.

Jessica - posted on 02/01/2012




My first child (a boy) use to LOVE his swing and slept in it quite often. My sister also had little ones (4 total) that enjoyed sleeping in the swing. As long as the swing and child are secure, I see no reason NOT to allow her to sleep in it.

To get my son in his crib, I lifted the mattress so it tilted (a large book under the mattress will work) and noodled some blankets around him. I would rock him in my arms until he was almost sound asleep and then snuggle him in his noodled blankets in his crib. He wouldn't sleep for very long but I would keep the process up until he would get comfortable and sleep through the night.

I also practiced "BabyWise" so that helped in getting him to sleep in his crib by himself.

My new one won't even take a short ride in the swing so I have a whole other battle on my hands this time. ;-)

Good luck!

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