does anyone have hospital bag packed?

Kate - posted on 07/20/2011 ( 9 moms have responded )




im due 15th sept with my second child. does anyone have hospital bag packed yet ? how organized are you all with babys room and baby gear needed etc. week 32 has crept up on me ! how is everyone feeling i was feeling pretty great and now third trimester is certainly here i have no energy, and am so big and not able to sleep at night.


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Jennifer - posted on 08/29/2011




im 28 weeks pregnant and I've already thought on what I should be putting in my hospital bag.... Due date November 16 (boo my birthday lol)

Nakeia - posted on 08/23/2011




I am due sept. 13 and i dont have a bag for me or the baby packed yet, i plan to work on that tomorrow...But my energy level is so low i can get my mind right to do so. I have 3 weeks to go and i think i am going to go early rhis is my second child and like Kate. Hartle i have not had any sleep at night, my back feels like no matter how i lay or what i us the pressure wont ease up, and i have a lot of pressure in my cooch area lol... I must admit i am not prepared i will do it as it come along but i want her out so bad!

Ashley - posted on 08/21/2011




im do the 19 and just went shoping for baby got diper bag ready and a few things throughn in the hospitle bag. no baby room as i have a small house so baby is in are room. But i am feeling way better now that i have some stuff ready. Im also exhausted next week is my last for work and im so thankful i cant even bend over baby is small i guess but im huge so i cant wait till its over and i get to hold my baby.

Katherine - posted on 07/27/2011




I am due Sept.6th with our 4th child. I pretty much have nothing ready LOL. I am having a scheldue c-section on the 1st, so I really dont see the need to pack a bag before that. Inless I go into labor early, that would be just my luck. As for the babys room, he will be sharing a room with our 2 yr. old son . Right now we just have to make room in our bedroom for the crib intell the baby starts sleeping through the night. I have bought a few things here and there, but mostly am totally unprepared. We both work fulltime, have 3 kids at home, and I have a high risk pregnancy. So not a lot of energy ( and this Missouri heat isnt making it any easier). And I am also having a lot of trouble sleeping at night too. Altho I havent gained alot of weight this time, I feel big as a house. I FEEL YOUR PAIN.

Valerie - posted on 07/22/2011




I am due on the 27th but I am also high risk and between my regular doctor and the specialist there is doubt that I will even carry to 37 weeks ( Sept 7th). Since I know when I deliver I will be in there for close to 4 days I have packed some toiletries just to get things started. As for clothes those will be last minute things I add to it. I haven't even started on actual baby gear yet but will be in the next few weeks. Once I get it I will be in big baby mode.The house we live in is very small so the baby will be in our room for now so there is really no need to decorate, just need to situate things to make room for baby lol. As far as energy I am feeling pretty good. It comes in bursts. I started this pregnancy heavier than I was with my first one but as far as weight gain I am still in the negative. I still have issues with nausea and I have been an insomniac most of this pregnancy too. The closer the date gets the more excited I get at being able to feel close to normal once again lol. Also excited at seeing how much weight I will have lost once I have the baby. With my first son the day I left the hospital I was weighed and I had lost close to 30 pounds ( he was 10 of it) and I had gained 70 pounds with him. With my first son I didn't pack my bag till the night before. I'm not procrastinating that much this time. I want to be ready and not be sending my husband after things that I have forgotten at home lol.

Patricia - posted on 07/22/2011




I am due Sept 3rd and I wish it was around the corner already!! I don't have my bag packed but I already have most of the clothes washed for her and a diaper bag packed to take to the hospital. Her crib is already set up in our room, her future room is the guest room for now since we will have visitors after she is born so it will stay that way for now. I am getting pretty worn out especially at the end of a day and the end of the week, add that to the heat here and Texas and the braxton hicks I will be really glad when she is here!!

Aubrey - posted on 07/21/2011




I am due September 4th with our 3rd child. Don't have hospital bag packed, I had my first at home and second in hospital (due to not having much money) and when I went into labor with our daughter (2nd child) I didn't have my bag packed at all. I will probably not have my bag packed yet again this time, but thats ok :)
we don't have a room for this little one as we are living with my in-laws at the moment but I have never had a room for any of our kids because we lived in a really small house with the other two so they slept in our room.
I am feeling really good, gaining a lot more weight this time around, I only gained 15lbs with the last 2 pregnancies I think it has to do with me not walking so much because we live in Texas now and its so hot outside that I can't be out there for long, We lived in Hawaii when I was pregnant with the other two so I was walking ALL the time. I am so bigger this time around (of course) its getting harder to hold my 16.5 month old but I am trying not to hold her that much anyways because she needs to learn to walk. I have quite a bit of energy probably with having to keep up with our almost 3 year old and our 16.5 month old I need to keep my energy up hahaha.

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