my 8 yr old son was diagnosed with bi-polar

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HI, I am the mother of a 8 yr old son just diagnosed with bipolar. He was having episodes at school and home. So we got him a dr and play therapist and he started taking Abilify And one day he told the teachers at school I just want to kill myself so we took him to psychiatric hospital(which I don't think I will ever do again) He came home acting the same way, The only way we can get him to stop is to stay very firm and don't give in to him. I stick to my guns and he knows I'm not backing down. And the other issue is I;ve always wanted more children but, I don't see that in my future with all I have to deal with with him. It makes me very sad and his disorder does too. How do I stay strong enough for him with out going crazy myself? And if anyone has advice please help! thx


Pisces72 - posted on 06/18/2011




I am going through the same thing with my 9 year old son. I feel your pain. Continue to talk to him and take time for yourself. Research bipolar and all the conditions that mimic bipolar. It is painstaking and requires a lot of patience but you have to do all that you can for your son as well as your family!

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