Thoughts of Suicide in an 8 yr old?

Marlene - posted on 05/03/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter is 8, she was diagnosed with bi-polar last year and is on many medications. She dropped a bomb on us Saturday night and said that she felt like killing herself. When we asked how long she's been feeling this way, she states it's been a long while and that she wants to stab herself.
This left me devasted!! I have no idea what to do .. except wait for a doctor to call me back and continue to dwell on this. Has anyone elses child said this?? What did you do?? (besides have a meltdown) This is all so new to me and I really don't know how much more information I can read before I go into overload!!
So maybe this isn't really a question but a call for help from a mom who needs someone to talk to about her child. Anything will help. Thank you :)


Len - posted on 05/20/2010




At 4 years old my son was diagnosed bipolar and ADHD. We put him on Abilify for about a year but our insurance would not pay for any of it so we where paying almost $400 per month in meds. We would have paid it but he was sedated and still having major problems in school. In kindergarten about half way through the year he told his teacher that he should be dead, she failed to let me know, several months latter he said he was going to kill himself on the playground and that teacher finally contacted me then after talking to his reg teacher she said he had said it in class too. The school district put him a special class and that helped but then he entered first grade and it got even worse. He told his teacher he wanted to kill himself a couple of times and me that a few times. We tried to work with the school but they would not follow the plan his teacher and I discussed. I am 3 hrs from any town with a population of more than 8,000 so getting much help is ridiculous. I finally pulled him out of school weaned him off his meds and have been homeschooling him for over 6 months and he is doing great. For us taking him away from the situation helped the most.


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Elvia - posted on 01/26/2011




my 8 yr old son is diagnosed bi polar with psychosis and adhd and ptsd. the adhd & ptsd were at age 5. the bi polar came following my son telling his teacher @ age 6 that he wanted 2 stab himself with a knife. this of course got social workers and doctors and therapist and police involved. i took him straight to the crisis center for sucide intervention. this was the best thing to keep him safe. he continued on the emotional rollercoaster for years. i actually took him to a childrens psychiatric residental treatment center for assessment 6 months ago. unfortunetly there was no open beds. it is very scary living life everyday and knowing your child is contending with such extreme emotions alot of adults never experience and having to realize and accept that you cant fix them, you cant just take away their pain. the only thing you can do is accept their diagnosis and seek out professional help and investigate what services are available in your area that are not just med management. in home case management, in school and/or home behavior modification services, activities in the community that catore to children the same age. this allows the child and other family members the opportunity to meet and interact with local families dealing with the similar situations. ask your psychiatrist or therapist what services are available. horseback riding is said to be extremely theraputic for children with these kinda diagnosis, however not many parents have ever heard of it. also "A.I.T" has worked miracles for my son. its called "auditory integration therapy" i recommend it every parent straight across the board. i hope my story if nothing else, gives a little comforter knwoing your not the only mother out there hearing the cries for help from their young child. i hope your daughter and yourself have experienced improvement since this post. wish you all the luck!

Kristi - posted on 11/09/2010




I now have a 10 year old boy who has been diagnosed with Sensory Intragration Dysfunction, ADHD and major depression that the age of 3. He started talking about suicide at age 7. Doctors that were familiar with my son by age 7...said nothing to worry about. Now age 10...he is worse shape than ever. I am crushed....I have no idea how to helphim. As a listen to your head and heart...if your doctor doesn't listen to you....get a new doctor...I am in that process right now myself. Good Luck!

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