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Early Onset Bipolar

A community for mom's with experience in early onset Bi-polar disorder in kids. A place to vent.



Any current studies available for girls 10+?


Head Injury or Illness?

I am also curious if anyone's child ever had a severe illness or brain injury prior to the start of symptoms? My daughter survived bacterial meningitis when she was 3 months...



Since we have so many new members on here now I wanted to ask everyone to introduce themselves and tell us when you first noticed symptoms of bipolar in your child and what...



My 10 year old son was just put on Respirdal today. He is taking .25mg one time at bed time. Has anyone have a good or bad experience with this medication?


Anger outbursts and fish oil

My mum told me that there were studies suggesting that large doses of fish oil reduced angry and violent outbursts -- has anyone had any experience with this? (How one gets a 7...


Is it bi-polar?

My 11 year old has been diagnosed with depression. I'm convinced he is bipolar due to the rage, disrespect and mood swings. He cried, swore and tore apart the bed because there...


Any moms have children on risperidone?

My son is 9 years old with severe behavior problems. Last summer July 2011 he suffered a stroke., this has left him with some physical disabilities as well as mental. We noticed...


8 year old girl w/ bipolar...NEED HELP!

I have joined this board in hopes of getting some support and advice regarding possible bipolar disorder in an 8 year old little girl with LOTS of anger and rage. She was...


What should I do?

My 13 year old has been diagnosed with ADHD, Bipolar with Psychosis, Asperger Syndrome, OCD, ODD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Expressive Receptive Language Disorder, and...


Bi-Polar Med's ...

At what age did you find out your child was Bi-Polar? What medications are they on?? How many diagnosis did you get?? My daughter is 8; she was diagnosed last year with...


New here

My husband and I are the gaurdians of 7 yr. old, boy/girl, twins. They have lived with us since they were two. The boy has just been diagnosed as bipolar. He also has adhd. The...


new diagnosis?

My son is 9 yo he has just been diagnosed with bipolar/mood instability. He was originally diagnosed with ODD at age 4 and was being monitered for a mood disorder. he has mood...


my 8 yr old son was diagnosed with bi-polar

HI, I am the mother of a 8 yr old son just diagnosed with bipolar. He was having episodes at school and home. So we got him a dr and play therapist and he started taking Abilify...


Thoughts of Suicide in an 8 yr old?

My daughter is 8, she was diagnosed with bi-polar last year and is on many medications. She dropped a bomb on us Saturday night and said that she felt like killing herself....



I wrote on here on July 18th about how confused and frustrated I was coping with two children diagnosed with bipolarism, and no one replied, not one. Now that's what I call...



My daughter was just prescribed Respirdal. Anyone have experience? Side effects - time before you noticed a change - any changes? what kinds? Thanks for your help!