Easy Toddler Activities and Recipes

This community will have various activities that take no time at all to organise and carry out. They are tested by busy mums, so do work. Anyone can add activities that they find works for them. I also thought recipe ideas would be helpful.


milk fingerpaints?!?!

Got milk? Then you've got paint! This is one art supply that your kids CAN eat—maybe it'll even stop them from chewing on the crayons! One small can of condensed milk...


Halloween ideas.

I'm just curious about what you all are doing with your toddlers this month. Yesterday my two year old and I made construction paper pumpkins. I cut out four small orange...


1,1,1,1 Cake

This is taken from the 4 Ingredients cook book which I can't live without. 1 cup coconut 1 cup milk 1 cup self-raising flour 1 cup caster sugar Combine all ingredients...


Noodle Omelette

I pkt 2 min noodles--any flavour 3-4 eggs grated cheese Ham or bacon Spring onions Boil your noodles, drain then add flavouring. Whisk eggs ham, cheese, sping onion....


Crunchy chocolate slice

This is another one from the 4 Ingredients cookbook. It truly is a life saver little book when there are 2 kiddies to run after. 200g block of dark chocolate ( you could try...


Roley Poley painting

Container with sides Poster Paint Golf ball I saw this on Play School and we had great fun carrying it out. 1. Cut paper to fit just inside the container. It must cover...